Daily Kos reported today that Ed Schultz of MSNBC has come down “emphatically” against the Keystone XL pipeline. If you recall over a month ago I wrote an article on Ed Schultz’s decision to air on his show a discussion about the KXL pipeline issue. At the time all bet’s were off that Ed, the working class unionist-farmers’ advocate on a television talk show, would come down on the side of the environmentalists.
The arguments of “jobs” for Americans and a pipeline being allegedly a safer means of energy delivery than rail seemed to direct Ed’s thinking. But something happened to redirect his thinking.
And what was that something? An aquifer known as the Ogallala Aquifer that spans…now get this, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. And that would be a source of water that stands only feet, not thousands or hundreds, beneath the Central Plains of our country, the breadbasket of the country.
All those thousands of miles of fruited plains and waves of grains? Cattle ranches and farms? Would it be worth the risk?
Russ Girling, CEO of Trans Canada Corporation seems to think it would. Hell, he’s telling his investors it’s a done deal and it’s going to happen. Guess he thinks he’s the bully riding roughshod on the American Commons, our earth from which we get our food and water. Could care less the price that would be paid by millions and the destruction to agriculture and life for millennium.
The sociopathic blindness of laser focused corporate ceo’s is a case study in  depravity. The financial accounting of an abstraction known as profit supercedes the very basics of human life_earth, water, and air.
But this has become the dominant force that directs our capitalistic economic system as it rushes suicidally like a herd of blind cattle charging towards a cliff, the sounds of other hoofs guiding the soon to be extinct mass of once living creatures.
There is hope in this story of the reevaluation of one man’s thinking. Not the kind of hope that was pitched by a politician who became president that was used to manipulate a nation only to rip open the center of our country by catering to the energy interests of the Few and the Greedy for all his own personal ambitions.
Obama could learn something from Ed Schultz. Ed talked to the people of Nebraska, the farmers and cattle ranchers, the working families whose future depends on non-polluted, non-poisoned water, soil, and air. Shamefully Obama listens to the Citizens United Cartel.
I said in my first piece about Ed Schultz that I saw him years ago lead the drive for “clean coal” when this president was making that preposterous claim as he prostituted himself for votes from the Coal Industry. But Ed did something our president doesn’t do. He goes and talks to the People.
Well, back then Ed did a one eighty and today with the Keystone XL pipeline he’s spun another one eighty. And hopefully opened the eyes of millions of Americans who watch his show that there are more important things in life than non-sustainable, climate changing dirty energy with all its horrifically devastating potentials.
The longer we delay the move towards solar, wind, wave, and geothermal, the closer we take this planet towards that cliff that is marked for suicidal extinction. Note well, we would doing it with our own hands, aka, complacent acquiescence to the economic forces we are told we have no other choice but to follow.
Bob of Occupy
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