You know the problem with doing research and gathering ALL the facts on many conspiracy events that have and continue to flourish since the JFK assassination is that one becomes despairing of his fellow citizens’ lack of interest or minimalist view of the truth. And when the contrary evidence presents itself to the Official Story, the truth is so overwhelmingly clear that it becomes very frustrating to realize and accept the credulity of the citizenry in buying the official cover ups.
    I despair, but continue the work of awakening. That’s all that I can do. Going down that rabbit hole has been revealing but also disillusioning.
    The movie, The Matrix, which I finally saw for the first time two weeks back sums it up pretty succinctly in this short cut from it (above).
    One thing I realized upon my return from Vietnam and in my reading and actualizing of psychology was that ultimately all must be brought to a conscious level and CONFRONTED. Otherwise the human psyche sickens itself. How that manifests itself in individual persons varies, but the effect is the same. A price is exacted for failure to do so.
    Thus began the tumble down the rabbit hole and it continues. In terms of all these political conspiracy events that I have lifted the rock up from and turned over, the reality is the same. Confront, bring to a conscious level or join the ranks of those who take the blue pill and live out their lives in the fog of illusion, diversion, escape, and denial.
    Clearly people like some of you and I have taken the red pill, and many others also___but just not enough of us to make a difference it seems.
     Many who have been awakened still feel powerless in the wake of these events though they don’t deny them anymore. It’s the same kind of powerlessness that presents itself at election time. The choice of the lesser of two evils or the despair that nothing is going to make any difference.
     But I am all too aware that unless the past is confronted and the evil within it extracted under the light of open and honest investigation, then there will be no hope and such evil will continue and such conspiracy events will follow one upon the other because they work to the advantage of the Controllers.
     They instill Fear, the primal manipulative element of every madmen’s control over the vastly larger numbers of people, needed to maintain their enslavement.
     So I’ll probably go to my end exposing this as much as I can, mindful of Obama’s statement that we must not look back if we are to move forward, in his refusal to investigate Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, Ashcroft, Bybee, Yoo, and other such treasonous authoritarian followers.
     And so many Americans bought it, even though the opposite is more true, irrefutably so. In order to move forward one must cut open and expose the cancer of one’s sins or the sins of others and dig it out removing it from the benign cells that it infects continuing the degenerative process that leads to decay and ultimately death.
     I don’t know if these recent deaths of three top journalists (Bob Simon, Ned Colt, and David Carr) and the marginalization of another (Brian Williams) is the result of their attempts, as an article stated, to get a hold of the Russian evidence of 9/11. I don’t know if Judith Vary Baker (Oswald’s mistress who feared for her life and only revealed herself in the 1990’s) knew what she said she knew concerning the assassination of JFK though there is some strong corroborating evidence.
     But like so many of us now know, 110 stories cannot drop in under fifteen seconds (one second slower than a bowling ball dropping through thin air at the same height) when there were 80,000 tons of resistance in steel beams. Or that the assassination of JFK was the work of a lone deranged and lonely man can only described as ludicrous given even the evidence that was available even to the Warren Commission then but hidden from all of us. Officer Tippet, the police officer who Lee Harvey Oswald was said to have murdered with a semi-automatic pistol, had four bullets in his body, two Winchesters and two Remingtons. And Oswald was carrying a revolver when he was arrested. Are you telling me that the Warren Commission could not read a Dallas police homicide report and come to the conclusion that they did?
     The psyche of the American People is infested with a cancerous tumor that has proliferated with every successive false flag operation orchestrated by certain elements within the Deep State of our government and has so metastasized that we are now in the Dick Cheney’s final throes scenario.
     Either we confront the JFK assassination, the 1967 attempt to sink the USS Liberty by the Israelis, Operation Gladio by our CIA in Europe during the forties, fifties, and sixties, 9/11, the Sandy Hook hoax, and the Boston Bombing or that cancerous tumor unexposed will kill off all the adjoining benign cells and democracy will be buried as one of history’s failures.
     And fascism will be the regressive choice of the frightened masses searching for everyone but themselves to rule themselves.