Let’s say you can go as fast as you want to legally.  What legal activity would you be doing that would require you to drive from 0 to 60 in than 3 seconds, 120 mph in 9 seconds, or go over 200 mile per hour.  Not driving an ambulance, you cannot do that safely, in traffic, even with a loud siren.  Racing is simply going fast for fast sake and doesn’t count.   The answer is nowhere can one do that safely and, of course, you cannot do that legally.

So why would some one make two thousand of the cars, which will sell for under a quarter mil, boast only 8 cylinders but nearly 600 horses hidden beneath an aluminum body.  Would you not feel stupid taking this machine a couple miles to pick up some milk?  How would you feel about riding the clutch as you inch across the SF Bay Bridge in rush hour traffic?  C’mon.  One can only wonder at its carbon footprint.

Moreover, one has to wonder when organs like the N Y Times are going to stop promoting this abuse of power, drooling like a little kid in Charley’s Chocolate factory.  When will owning such a thing become gauche.  It hurts me to think there are two thousand people who will spend over $230,000 on such a two-passenger vehicle when there are so many needs in this country.  This, at a time when we should be decreasing our carbon footprint.  It is just such bad taste.