A picture of a Detroit school computer lab with relatively modern hardware. Thieves have removed any precious metals from the CPUs and monitors, rendering them worthless

Michigan state education officials have ordered the emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools, Robert Bobb,  to immediately implement a plan that balances the district’s books by closing half its schools.

The Detroit News says the financial restructuring plan will increase high school class sizes to 60 students and consolidate operations.
State superintendent of public instruction Mike Flanagan says in a Feb. 8 letter that the state plans to install another financial manager who must continue to implement Bobb’s plan after he leaves June 30. Flanagan’s said approval of Bobb’s plan means the district can’t declare bankruptcy.
Please take the time today and contact teachers at your school to insist that they join us at the Capitol Building in Lansing Wednesday at noon.  People can ride the buses if they want:  Buses will be board at 8 am at the Northwest Activities Center at 9 am.  To ensure a seat, they should download the attached form and fax it to the number at the bottom of the form.  The form is simply to help those coordinating the buses know how many to rent. Note that the form concerns saving the Detroit water department; the march has since broadened its focus and is mainly about the EFM law and saving public education.    We can beat all these attacks — if you act!

No one in Michigan wants their public schools or communities turned over to unelected dictators who will have the power to sell off whatever they want, and destroy all rights, including union contracts.  No one in Michigan accepts the Jim Crow / poll tax  idea that the basic democratic rights to vote and attend public school should be tied to whether your school district or city/town has a budget deficit.

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