When the Occupy movement injected ideas about general strikes and economic inequality into public conversation, these concepts were news for many people.  But in San Francisco in 1934, and in Oakland in 1946, the General Strike wasn’t a concept or a goal:  it happened.
In “California Labor History,” a three unit San Francisco City College course offered at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday evenings at City College San Francisco Mission Campus, Room 229, 1125 Valencia Street, beginning August 21, you can learn that the fight for a more equitable society stretches back to before the Gold Rush.  You will also find this history has quite a bit to say about what’s going on now.
The fall semester course is taught by longtime labor educator and union communications director Fred Glass.  It places contemporary events within the context of labor history, and showcases struggles by California’s working people for dignity, economic security, and civil rights, right up to the present.
Activists who have taken the course have noted that it provides a space tucked away from the rest of their often hectic lives to reflect on their activism.  Class discussions are lively, and the oral history assignment often turns up surprising things about the students’ own histories.
The course is built around the ten-part public television documentary series Golden Lands, Working Hands.  All students completing the course will receive a free DVD copy of the award-winning series.
For more information or to register call Bill Shields at the CCSF Labor and Community Studies Department, 415-550-4472, or Fred Glass at 510-579-3343. Or register online at www.ccsf.edu.