I would like to say he is my friend, but the truth is I only know him through the internet.  He is the guy you wish was living next door, down the road, or across your backyard fence.  For starters, he is always in a good mood, which I believe always comes from doing the right thing and being happy with what he does. But then, who wouldn’t be happy doing what he does? From my limited connection, I see a fellow who is self employed as a pest control person who refuses to use the chemical soup that contributes to all the ills and diseases we suffer every day. Instead, he finds and uses natural, organic remedies that are effective in eliminating even the dreaded bed bug. He does this all with remedies that leave the environment safer than when he found it. But that’s not all. I don’t know how he makes a living at it because whenever I have contacted him with a problem his help has always been immediate and free. You may have read about him if you are lucky enough to take a certain, well respected newspaper.  Yes, he finds time to write a column helping people there, too.

But, that is not all he does.  He and his wife have a fair size property where they provide a sanctuary for cats, dogs, horses, and other animals that other humans have discarded for whatever reason. He has a wonderful life, or at least he did. I have just discovered that his wife was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. This is a disease that will require ever and ongoing medical follow-up. The only problem with that is that these wonderful people live in the only country in this developed world where medical follow up is not a given. As self-employed people, they are without health insurance, facing a most intense health care diagnosis.

These are the people I personally know of who could become a real tragedy really fast.   How many people do you know who are running the risk of losing everything they have due to illness.  All the while we are told that we must destroy the minimal gains we have achieved through Obama Care and throw ourselves on the mercy of the for-profit health insurance industry.  If ever there was a reason for a single payer health plan, this is one.  The problem is that it is not just one.

Wonderful people across the country are facing these problems.  The time has come to make a stand.  I will no longer tolerate me or my friends being screwed by the Health Insurance industry, Not In My Back Yard.