A Letter from Tom Brown to California Elected Officials


Leader Pelosi’s office has already been contacted by “Save CCSF” activists and reports are that the staff response revealed a lack of understanding of what’s happening at CCSF. We’re told that someone in
the Leader’s office responded by saying “City College tries to do too much” (with its limited resources). I, in fact, agree with that sentiment. But right now the Federally-sanctioned ACCJC for our Western Region is taking a meat cleaver approach to CCSF faculty and staff. They are operating under the assumption that in order to make City College more “productive” it is necessary to drastically slash faculty and staff salaries and diminish the ability of the faculty to participate in academic decision making. (Please read the Lumina productivity report referenced below.)

I have always had great respect for Speaker Pelosi since I first met her as a candidate for Congress with the slogan “a voice that will be heard.” I hope that as her District Director you can direct this
message to the appropriate staff in Washington DC.


Tom Brown

Open Letter to California Elected Officials

The Accreditation Commission for Community & Junior Colleges, funded by
the Lumina and Bill Gates Foundations, is using the accreditation process to drastically lower the salaries of staff and faculty at CCSF. It is over-reaching its authority by empowering its overly-paid
consultants, Acting Chancellor Thelma Scott-Skillman and Special $1,000-a-day Trustee Bob Agrella, to unilaterally alter the institutional structure of San Francisco City College, sometimes without the knowledge of our elected College Board Trustees. It is doing this in the name of “productivity”…..Lumina foundation’s buzzword for producing more work-ready college grads in less time and at cheaper labor costs. Their agenda includes:

-drastically lowering the costs of providing higher education by
slashing the salaries and benefits of the faculty and staff;

-diminishing the time allowed for completing a Baccalaureate degree by
lowering unit requirements & replacing the traditional 4 year degree
with a 3 year one;
-replacing class room instruction with “distance learning” which is
code for on-line instruction;
-reducing the role of a professor to that of a moderator who presents
TV instruction produced by a for-profit corporation;
-creating a public perception that the hard-working faculty of public
colleges are over-paid and are part of the problem rather than the solution.

Some political leaders in San Francisco believe that City College of San Francisco has tried to do too much over the years. In a recent editorial, the SF Chronicle called our elected Board of Trustees “dysfunctional and dozing.” Sadly, there’s some truth in these charges. However, the failures of administrative and board leadership at CCSF do not warrant the anti-faculty and staff actions of Scott-Skillman and Agrella. These actions include:

— a drastic reduction in faculty & staff salaries that is unwarranted
given the recent passage of Proposition A’s parcel tax approved by 73%
of the voters;
— a diversion of Prop A funds away from academic programs and toward
accreditation costs (slash salaries and buy computers!);
— failure to allow an open and honest collective bargaining process
which has resulted in an unfair labor practices complaint by the labor
— the thoughtless and vindictive elimination of 2/3 of the Department
— the announcement to School Deans that they will have to re-apply for
their positions, with the intent of replacing them with lower-paid
managers who buy into the Lumina agenda. (This was done without College
Board consultation or approval.)

Please read:

“What is the Scott-Skilllman Gap?” — a flyer prepared by AFT 2121

Did you know that from 2003-2008, the ACCJC sanctioned 37% of
California’s community colleges as compared to a 0 - 6% rate by other
community college accrediting agencies across the country? Read:

“Save City College of San Francisco” — an article by Bob Price,
Chemistry Professor at CCSF:

For more detail on the Lumina agenda, please check out the following
(especially paragraph 2):
“College Productivity: Four Steps to Finishing First in Higher Education”


Also you can see more regarding the Lumina (formerly The USA Group connected with Sallie Mae.  Ten of the mebers of the Lumina Board are from Sallie Mae.  Sallie Mae is to student loans what Fannie Mae was to the sub prime housing market)


Tom Brown
Constituent of Representative Pelosi in San Francisco

You can also view the Youtube on SFCC and the attack on the public commons and schools at:

The Corporate Raiders Destroying Public Education & Our Unions by Danny Weil


Danny Weil is a teacher, author and journalist who is an expert on privatization and charters.He writes for “Truth Out” “Daily Censored” and other publications. At an education conference on Privatization of Public Education and the Unions in San Francisco he discusses the corporate financialization of public education and and how this is destroying the public education in the United States along with the role of the education unions in confronting this frontal attack on public education.

The presentation was made on January 19, 2012 and was sponsored by United Public Workers For Action with the title “Public Education, Privatization and The NEA/CTA, SEIU and AFT/CFT and What Can Education Workers, Students & Parents Do To Defend Public Education?”.

Production of United Public Workers For Action