Readers no doubt know that the City College of San Francisco has been denied accreditation by the ACCJC owned and operated by the Lumina Foundation and friends.  Here, in this article, Occupied Bob one of those who struggled against the college’s eventual closure speaks out.

“Robert Agrella, Being fully aware of why you were brought in as a special trustee and equally aware that you did not succeed in your contractual agreement to this College and the residents of SF of revoking the ACCJC Show Cause status and that you have been given another chance by the Chancellor of California Community and Junior Colleges, we are willing to work with you as we always have in choosing a new chancellor for the College and following through on the failings of Chancellor Scott-Skillman to complete her contractual agreements to completely follow through on the issues that we did our part in completing but she allowed to remain unfinished, thereby jeopardizing that revocation.” __We welcome you_the CCSF Academic Senate.
Would this not have been a more forthright way of welcoming him and from a more powerful position of strength?
When we first heard over a year ago that our board of trustees voted for a special trustee to come in and put everything in order in addressing Show Cause, who would have complete veto power, We condemned them for their unprincipled vote in which they essentially reneged on their oath to the People who put them there to serve our interests. They sold us out.
A year later at a budget meeting we again condemned them when they wouldn’t even debate an alternative budget worked out by the AFT 2121.
When Shanell Williams at that same meeting requested that Agrella be held accountable with a paper trail for his $1000 a day salary, she couldn’t get a single other trustee to second it and therefore there wasn’t even a vote on a fiduciary responsibility all elected representatives have to their taxpaying constituencies. What power lies behind this group of eunuchs that so shames their lack of the most basic norms of electoral obligations? Pretty standard stuff.
When somebody spells out the reality of our losing the accreditation battle with ACCJC, pointing out that the man responsible for that failure, one Robert Agrella, is then immediately put back into that position only with even more extraordinary powers, by the chancellor of California Community and Junior Colleges, We are outraged. And all this done despite Student Trustee Shanell Williams’ request of the trustees two weeks earlier to at least wait those two weeks to find out whether he succeeded in revoking Show Cause, his proscribed contractual assignment. But our rubber stamping trustees just went ahead and renewed his contract anyway. We condemned them, their lack of principle, their lack of fiduciary responsibility to those that elected them.
And then on the afternoon of July 10th, our Academic Senate with only one dissenting vote passes a resolution to welcome this Agrella, the dictatorial hatchet man for the interests of those who would destroy our College in order to reap untold profits for their Wall Street masters.
Now I ask you how is it possible that we condemned our contemptible representatives in the BoT and then turned around and exhibited equal conviction less character ourselves?
And just to make things exceedingly clear, before the rationalizers jump all over me…I am not saying Do Not Work with this individual and the hand that we are dealt with.
I’m am not saying that at all. What I am saying is where in that resolution is there any wording of outrage, disgust, or even any hint of acknowledgment of his initial failure to revoke Show Cause, thereby at least letting him know that, no, we are not going to pretend some illusory scenario that doesn’t reach full consciousness in his or our own minds.
And so we allow him one more time to lavish his ego at the expense of our perceived subservient, unresisting acceptance of his total authority over our democratic choices. We cower to his omnipotence by not putting ourselves on equal footing with him which we could have succeeded in doing in a more consciously complete resolution spelling out the obvious failures of his first assault on the College.
Is there no third way between dictatorial rule and complete submission with only one of us showing moral character in her dissent?
Come on, We are more capable as intelligent educators, creative thinking minds, to exhibit some show of personal strength, resistance, and dignity than this shameless exhibition of board of trustee-like acquiescence.
And just on the very next day, Agrella summarily dismisses Grier, Mandelman, and Williams from any participation in the choices that He and He alone will make regarding our College. Where is the resolution from the Academic Senate even exposing that, much less condemning it? Instead we all genuflect?
Agrella has made clear his objectives. He is part of the Fix along with Scott-Skillman who is responsible for the failure of satisfying some of those Show Cause requirements by her own failure to follow through and Brice Harris who was himself an ACCJC commissioner.
We need to point out to the Public just what they aren’t hearing from their Corporate Enabling Media beginning with AFT 2121’s lawsuit against the ACCJC. In that poll that the SF Chronicle does are they asking how many readers of their newsprint are aware of that fact, of the lawsuit, of the conflicts of interests, violations of laws by the ACCJC, etc.? No? Why not?
Because it’s self explanatory. The Chronicle hasn’t acted as a responsible adherent to their Fourth Estate obligation to inform the People. It has chosen instead to be the handmaiden of those in authority, the wolves in sheep’s clothing, the pretenders of concern for  City College and its future.
Come on, refusing to consciously expose the unbalanced awareness of the complete truth of what has been brought down upon our College and this nation’s colleges and groveling in our pitifully focused attention to the details that they dictate to us only feed the dishonest perceptions the residents of SF have from their less than thorough media reporting of the privatization movement in this country to sell off and profit from our Commons, most notably our community colleges at this stage of the
Grand Theft.
Can we not put our minds together and do better than just continue the rubber stamping acquiescence that has become the hallmark of the San Francisco board of trustees with the only notable exception being the People’s Choice , Shanell Williams.
__Bob of Occupy