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Dahn Shaulis is a professor and investigative reporter who lives in New Jersey.  He has been relentless in his fight against the for-profit college cartel or what are called ‘Garage Schools’ in S. America.


Tomorrow, Dahn will be taking direct action, which is what is needed.  Dahn wrote me:

“Tomorrow I plan on handing these flyers out when a UoP recruiter tries to pitch their b.s. to  students at Delaware County Community College in Media” (e-mail).

Dahn is correct in his assessment of the action that needs to be taken to stop the fraud, abuse and degradation of students, teachers and taxpayers by what can only be described as a criminal syndicate.

As readers might know, I have written relentlessly on this subject for five years.  Many students have tried to go to Attorney Generals in their states to put the cuffs on the monsters that run these schools and the banksters that profit.  To no avail.

The Obama administration has put forth a reform called the “Gainful Employment’ requirement which has been beaten back by millionaire lobbyists and Wall St. with the help of corporate democrats.

Bu the gainful employment requirement will do nothing more than legitimize these debt cancer schools as legitimate players in the ‘free market’.  As I wrote for Truthout some years ago: You Can’t regulate a criminal enterprise” (  Any attempts to do so simply legitimizes and accepts these debt schools as legitimate.

Chilean student resistance and the fight for universal higher education


Students in Chile have won a brave and noble fight forward towards free, universal higher education.  If not for them, the Bachelet government would not exist now and Allende’s daughter would not be Vice President of Chile.

As of yesterday, Bachelet said she was raising taxes on corporations by eight percent to provide for universal higher education.  This is due to the fact millions of students did what Dahn proposed and more: they took to the streets and demanded free, universal higher education and they fought for years.

Three students were elected to Congress last election!


Student organizer and now Congresswoman, Camilia Vallejo

Direct action is what is needed.  No more petitioning the King with one knee bent.  No more reforms put forth that legitimize drive-by schools.  No more begging public teacher union hedge managers to disinvest from this fraud.  No more looking to the courts for redress.  None has and will not work.

These schools must be euthanized and the only way to do this is to provide access to the public commons, assure that it is well funded an available to all.  Then there will be no need for them and no market for them.

Chilean students have led the largest and most successful demonstrations to accomplish just this since France, 1968.

From, August 2012 (

Ecuador is now spending more of their Gross National Product on public higher education than any other country in the world, save Denmark (  They are erasing from the country all garage schools.

Can’t we do the same?  Or do we need to live through Pinochet to see the light?

The fight for universal, free higher education must be laced to the fight against the privatization of all education.

Thanks, Dahn and you can write to Dahn for more at:


Friends don’t let their friends transfer to University of Phoenix!

Going to UoP could be the biggest mistake of your life!  There are many more legitimate schools you can go to, that cost significantly less, and that offer better opportunities for work after you graduate.

  • UoP is a “red flag” school (USA Today, 2013).
  • Graduation rate: 17% (US Department of Education)
  • Student Loan Default rate: 26% (US Department of Education)
  • UoP refuses to publish a gainful employment number.

Read David Halperin’s e-book  “Stealing America’s Future: How For-Profit Colleges Scam Taxpayers and Ruin Students’ Lives,” available on