hat tip to Global Research and Peter Dyer

US 1% corporate media lies by omission and commission to “cover” obvious US 1% crimes centering in war and money.

The above three links explain, document, and prove these charges in “emperor has no clothes” obviousness. These are among perhaps 100 crucially important issues about which our 1% media continuously lie.

As we approach our endgame to arrest obvious criminals (and here), media lying sacks of spin have an interesting choice:

  1. Continue to lie in service to psychopaths whose policies annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions.
  2. Have a “Scrooge conversion” to reclaim their hearts, communicate Truth, and become game-changing heroes.

Choice 1 will end with arrests and prosecutions for inciting War Crimes, just as the US prosecuted chief Nazi media propagandist with a sentence of death (and here, here).

Choice 2 will open Truth & Reconciliation: an exchange of truth for no prosecution.

As we’ve offered since 2009, we are willing to speak for Truth & Reconciliation upon the 1%’s networks.

The offer has been made repeatedly and clearly.

Be proud of your choices; they have consequences.