As recently reported in the Huffington post: “vulture capitalists” are lobbying the US Congress to require Argentina to pay in full what it owes on bonds it defaulted on in 2001.  Investors known as vulture capitalists bought up the defaulted bonds for pennies on the dollar and are now demanding payment in full, plus interest. The most infamous of these “investors” is Paul Singer (


The term ‘vulture capitalists’ refers to investors who buy up troubled debt on the secondary market at a profound discount – what can often be mere pennies on the dollar — and then they turn around and sue the issuer of the debt in an attempt to force full repayment. Vulture capitalists can turn a bond purchased for 10 cents into compensation for a full dollar!


An astro-turf organization set up to represent vulture capitalists and collect on the defaulted Argentinian bonds, The American Task Force Argentina (ATFA), spent $150,000 lobbying the US Congress for just this reason;  they are attempting to cash in on defaulted Argentinian bonds.  Since 2007, ATFA has spent $3.8 million on lobbying as it circles Argentina.


Interestingly, the ATFA operates its lobbying effort out of a PO Box in Arlington, Virginia (, but even more important than its shady address, is the fact it is headed by lobbyist and former Clinton aide, Robert Raben.   ATFA’s two co-chairs are also former Clinton officials: Robert Shapiro and Nancy Soderberg (


This is not the first time that Robert Raben has headed an astro-turf organization.  Another astro-turf group operated in the past by Raben was the Coalition for Educational Success (CES), a bogus advocacy group run directly out of Raben’s own office and managed by Raben’s personal employees, Joel Packer and Courtney Snowden.  CES lobbied and worked on behalf of predatory for-profit colleges which obtain over 80% of their colossal revenues from federal programs.


The Coalition for Educational Success’ website ( is no longer operational – it has been vaporized by Raben himself, as the Raben Group has acknowledged its lobbying contract to run the group has been concluded (


There are other Clinton officials who have lobbied on behalf of for-profit colleges, notorious for their bleeding of the federal treasury and viewed as a scam that prey upon low income minorities, veterans and working people.  These ‘former officials’ include Lanny Davis, Jamie Rubin and Tony Podesta (the former the brother of former Clinton official, John Podesta) (


Also trading off the Podesta name is Heather Podesta, wife of Tony Podesta. Mrs. Podesta operates her own lobbying firm and it has been reported that she successfully lobbied the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on behalf of Uranium Energy which provided the company an exemption to allow them to pollute a Texas aquifier (


Add to the government-to-lobbyist gutter, top Hillary Clinton State Department aide, Huma Abedin, who it is reported worked part-time as a lobbyist while simultaneously laboring at the State Department. (  All of this is revolving door crony capitalism.


The fact that a number of former Clinton administration officials now work as lobbyists for corporate bad actors, crooks and liars raises questions of whether a possible Hilary Clinton administration will include former Clinton administration officials turned lobbyists and thereby perpetuate the cycle of fraud and corruption which infects the revolving doors in Washington that have been endemic in both the Bush & Obama administrations.


Then there is Bill Clinton……


Of course we cannot forget that Hilary’s hubby, Bill Clinton, has raked in over $80 million in personal fees for speaking to banks after he passed the repeal of Glass-Steagall and then signed into law the Commodity Futures Modernization Act (CFMA), all of which helped bring down the American economy and consolidate the too-big to fail banks (

President Bill Clinton also passed the telecommunications deregulation scheme in 1996 when he was president and this let the media and telecom giants combine to form mega-monopolies that now work to conceal more than they reveal, all to the detriment of an ill-informed American public (  TV owners got new digital television broadcast spectrum space out of the deal while the public received the daily dribble of dummied down, mendacious corporate controlled news.

Bill Clinton also passed the 1994 Reigle-Neal Interstate Banking and Branching Efficiency Act which allowed bank holding companies to operate in more than one state (, permitting even more monopolization and financial consolidation.

On January 1, 1995, the World Trade Organization was established under Clinton’s watch. Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch director, Lori Wallach, called it a “slow motion coup against democracy” (

Of course we can’t forget that on January 1, 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) became US law under President Bill Clinton’s watch (   NAFTA supersedes national laws and sovereignty; it has destroyed Mexico and helped turn it into a narco-state.  It also violates fundamental human rights while avoiding any semblance of environmental responsibility.

Recently, on June 19, 2013 Shimon Peres of Israel awarded Bill Clinton Israel’s Medal of Distinction (, even though Clinton’s crimes in Indonesia through his support for Suharto are on record, as is his 1993 bombing of Baghdad in retaliation for an alleged but unproven Iraqi plot to assassinate former President George Bush.  Add to this his 1998 bombing of Afghanistan and the Sudan, his policy of sanctions on Iraq, and his crimes in Kosovo, all of which are documented and not refuted ( and one can only conclude Bill Clinton is more war criminal than a distinguished statesman.


It seems that the corporate democrats that have helped usher in crony capitalism and a government-to-lobbyist fast track, are banding together to support a Hilary Clinton run for president in 2016.  Corporate democrat, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was asked on the USA Today’s Susan Page if the Democratic Party was coalescing behind Clinton:

“I think so; I think so”, she said. (

Hilary Clinton and Bill Clinton are arrogant psychopaths and sociopaths, with delusions of grandeur and titanic appetites for power.  The American people need to understand what a Hilary Clinton administration would look like and what damage it would cause to an already crumbling democracy and flailing US economy if she was to take power in 2016.