It appears my article: Hope and Change Betrayed was hacked and disappeared from the internet.  After it was published dailycensored was acting funny as if traffic were being redirected to another server. The website then went down completely and when it came back up the article disappeared. The cached version was even wiped from google and all traces wiped from ‘bing’.
Question is: who did it & why???? It must mean someone was bothered by it, and I most likely am now on the NSA watch list.
Here is the article again for readers.

In 2008 then Senator Barack Obama ran for president on a progressive platform, supposedly repudiating George W. Bush era policies. This included ending the war in Iraq, closing Guantanamo Bay, ending the influence of lobbyists in Washington, mending relations with other nations, fomenting a national health care system, ending student loan exploitation, providing access to public education for all, ending racism and sexism, fighting homophobia, creating a respect for civil liberties and transparency in government, not to mention other seemingly progressive agenda items.

Obama’s campaign of Hope & Change was supported by a broad coalition which included college students, young adults, people of color, LGBT groups, and a collection of interest groups supporting civil liberties, human rights, and integrity and openness and transparency in government.

Since being elected president, Obama has presided over an administration which has broken most of his 2008 campaign promises with policies such as NDAA, HR 347, targeted killings of Americans, drone strikes, refusal to prosecute financial fraud on Wall Street , the embracement of for profit education and the sordid Race to the Top, failure to close Guantanamo, a willingness to cut Social Security, perpetual war with unlimited military budgets, rabid imperialism, spying on the American people, corporatized health care, mass surveillance of Americans, spying on journalists and one of the most secretive administrations since that of Richard Nixon.

The Obama administration has also taken the unusual step of prosecuting a large number of whistleblowers and political activists: many of who represent the same type of people who helped causes him elected in 2008.

This includes ; Aaron Swartz, Julian Assange, Thomas Drake, John Kiriakou, Bradley Manning, Eric Snowden, the Paypal 14, Jeremy Hammond, Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer , and Chaplain James Yee. Shepherd Fairey, the artist who created Obama’s iconic Hope and Change placard, was himself even prosecuted by the Department Of Justice in 2012.  Is there nothing this man, Barrack Obama will not do to detroy the lives of the American people and those beyond?  Is there no perfidy this corporate militaristic president will not propose to destroy American civilian life?

Many of the individuals prosecuted by The Obama administration acted on principle, embodying the essence of Hope & Change. Rather than embrace these individuals and their commitment to principle, the Obama administration has prosecuted them, discarded principle over privatization and using a variety of legal statutes such as the Espionage Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, engaged in what amounts to political intimidation and repression.

This includes the coordinated suppression of the Occupy Movement and the arrest and prosecution of thousands of its participants, despite the fact that the Occupy Movement consisted of a large contingent of Obama supporters.  The hope for change has now become the audacity of change-up.

There have been over 2,500 arrests of Occupy protesters in New York City alone and it is widely believed the FBI and Department of Homeland Security assisted local law enforcement with the crass crackdown. In 2012 a retired Episcopalian Bishop and seven other Occupy protesters were convicted of criminally trespassing on Trinity Church property in New York.

All of these prosecutions were under the watch of an Attorney General, Eric Holder, who has perjured himself before Congress and who refuses to prosecute corporations for criminal misconduct even when there is compelling evidence of wrong doing.

While it is not unusual for a politician to abandon principles and supporters once elected, seldom does a politician prosecute his supporters as Mr. Obama has done. If there has been a grand betrayal of the American people, it has not been by Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden, but by Mr. Obama who has turned his back on his 2008 campaign promises and supporters in favor of corporate money and interests.

Corporate interests are simply wetting themselves, seeing a stock market fueled by debt and militarism, the highest it has been in history.  And of course with the selection of such criminals as Penny Pritzker as Commerce Secretary (see Castle Bank, Paul L.E. Helliwell and drug smuggling: and other rapacious villains as government corporate board members, the American ruling class is as heady as a drunk on three digit bubbly.

Meanwhile, we the American people see only chump change we cannot believe in, as we are forced to witness daily the destruction of civil society, the creation of disposable youth, the dismantling of American society, the deliquescence of civil life and the dictatorship of the most virulent militaristic government America has seen.

This Hope and Change is little more than bait and switch and represents only deprecation and despair as the prosecution of daily life continues unabated.