This deserves a bigger article, but it is too important to beleaguer.  First, the Cost of Living Index must be reconfigured.  For the umpteenth time I have heard how food prices have not gone up.  I do not know what foods they look at, but I know I am paying more.

On a lot of items, the actual price has not gone up but the amount in the box, bag, or can has decreased dramatically.

The last thing, we must stop this ethanol thing.

1.)  It is driving up food prices.

2.)  It takes 4 gallons of water and energy to produce 1 gallon of ethanol.

We do not have enough food, much less water, to support this.

Additionally, to be a good fuel, a substance should have a very low flash point.  Gasoline has a flash point of a -45° F.  The flashpoint of ethanol is 62°F.  Ethanol burns over 100° cooler than gasoline.  WHAT that means is that it is much less efficient as a fuel.

We are adding ethanol to gasoline to make our fuel supply bigger.  The problem is that, when added to gasoline, we cannot drive as far as we did before it was added.  The result is NOT a net ZERO because we have raised our food prices and wasted a lot of water.