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Jon Stewart exposes the criminal acts of President Obama in contrast to the presidential candidate who campaigned as a constitutional scholar committed to the rule of US law. Washington’s Blog also artfully communicates this hypocrisy:
Here is a complete and comprehensive list of all of the substantive differences between Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush in guaranteeing safe oil drilling, reining in risky financial speculation and market manipulation, protecting citizens against obtrusive spying, fighting wars, standing up to big corporations, reducing government secrecy, and other fundamental issues:
That’s right; there’s nothing on the list. Americans are communicating their understanding of President Obama’s continuation of President Bush’s unlawful policies (only and always with the cooperation of both parties’ “leadership”) by Mr. Obama’s polling numbers hitting an all-time low.
The following links are my best efforts to document and prove US Orwellian unlawful wars, rigged-casino economics, and destruction of our US Constitution.
Citizen advocacy and comprehensive resources (this includes an academic explanation that dominant US policies are by definition fascist rather than UNDER the US Constitution): Government by dicts