Oooops, there is another problem with bank foreclosures.  If the water has not been turned off and vandals have not yet broken into the homes to steal the copper plumbing, the pipes could freeze and break.  Ah, but of course, if the people did not pay their bills the water most certainly would be turned off.  Perhaps, but it may not be so in Atlanta.

Before I moved there, I had attempted to reach the Water Department to open an account.  I phoned.  No one ever answered.  I left messages.  They would also not return calls.  I sent email messages and still received no reply.  Finally after five or six months, a bill for whomever had the house before me arrived.  I tried calling them again and finally was able to set up an account.  What a joke.  It snows there occasionally and ice storms are also not unheard of there.  The pipes could have frozen.  As more and more municipalities lose funds and operate with irregularity, our “civilization” begins to break down.

Northern Ireland is in a real pickle.  Their water pipes have burst and a lot of their reservoirs have been drained.  They may be able to refill their reservoirs, but it will take time before their water lines can be fixed.  Meanwhile, people can neither bathe, use toilets, nor even cook, much less wash their dishes.  Just like in Haiti, they are afraid of the spread of disease.  Emergency water is being supplied by tanker-trucks.

Besides people losing their homes because of increasing medical expenses, I just discovered a new source of foreclosures—bankruptcy because people are unable to pay their utility bills.  Between the overly hot air conditioned summers and chillingly cold winters, people here in Florida are experiencing utility bills ranging anywhere from $200 to $600 per month just to keep their homes livable.  How can people hope to keep their jobs when they are living in whatever passed for their car?  Increasingly Floridians will become homeless  and without health insurance because Florida no longer wants to pay its meager portion of Medicaid.  How long will it be before all the retired old folks in Florida fall victim to the homeless have-nots who will begin roaming the streets.

There is a fellow whose only previous claim to (in)fame was that he unsuccessfully defrauded Medicare and is now the Governor of Florida.  He has a plan to propel Florida out of the depths of unemployment by applying – you guessed it, “TAX CUTS.”  How long will it take before Florida begins to really resemble Haiti?  You cannot legislate against stupidity.