I under that facts seem to matter less to people more and more as group think and media emotional manipulations have become the motivating principles of our public discourse exchanges.
This morning on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now, in the Grand Jury case of Michael Brown, we learned that Witness #40 clearly fabricated her testimony that verified the testimony of Darren Wilson who said that Michael “charged him like a football player”.
But we also learned that #40, one Sandra McElroy, has some mental health problems, a history of racial animosity on social media, got a 3 year probation sentence for “bad checks”, and has a history of ingratiating herself into high profile cases falsely.
Her reason given for being right there on the scene when Michael was murdered was that she decided to visit an old friend from school she hadn’t heard from in 26 years and that she wanted to do a personal study of Afro-Americans because in her words, “so that she would stop calling them niggers and begin treating them like human beings.”
When asked why her automobile was not spotted by the many webcams in the area at the time of the shooting she said she didn’t know.
When asked by the prosecutors in the Grand Jury how she got into a predominantly black neighborhood as a white woman, she described her route and how she exited. It was right off of a Google Map. Only problem was that the exit route had been blocked off for over two years and there was only one way out….which of course she didn’t take.
She was the key witness who described Michael as crouching down and charging like a football player would, corroborating Darren Wilson description of the incident.
But there’s more of where this came from. Witness #10, no name, a white man working in the area, claimed originally in the police report that he saw the two young men walking on the sidewalk coming in his direction. He later changed that testimony to that he saw them walking in the street next to the sidewalk.
His testimony in the police report was that at no time did Michael raise his hands, that he made a gesture before charging Darren Wilson from 100 yards. He later change that testimony to 50 yards.
For those of you who recall my short piece on an audio analysis of the sounds of the shots fired captured by a neighbor on their chat site in their computer, it was impossible for Michael to have accomplished what Darren Wilson said when he described Michael charging him from 15 FEET.
We have two cases here of clear false and conflicting testimony. They need to be prosecuted as it is a punishable felony to lie in a Grand Jury.
But a larger focus must be on the prosecutors themselves for using this testimony in their case to exonerate “one of their own”. For surely, the history of one along with her unbelievable story of why she was there, and the changing of testimony by the other speaks to a very incompetent prosecution or worse, one bent on preventing Justice at any costs.
Yes, even with Witness #10’s testimony of 50 yards, 150 feet, there exists an incredible distance compared to Darren Wilson’s 15 feet. But all that the prosecution wanted from that juror was that Michael didn’t raise his hands at all but instead charged.
Many onlookers, some just working in the area, gave testimony that Michael raised his hands in a gesture of giving up. But in American apparently the testimony of black Americans matters little in comparison to the fabrications of white witnesses no matter how distorted, false, contradictory, and unbelievable their claims.