Picture of Governor Snyder of Michigan. 

Are emergency managers to be as ubiquitous as the MI legislature proposes a second assault on Michigan Cities and Schools?  ‘Emergency managers’ is the poll-tested name given to the political supplicants of the Vichy fascists that operate in Michigan. 

Much has been left out of both the corporate press and even many left journals regarding the sorry state of Michigan public policies and the move towards corporate fascism.  Governor Snyder would make Mussolini proud as he oils the accelerated slide towards authoritarian policies that promise to decimate any form of citizen input let alone democracy.

Take a look at just some of the public policies being gussied up and implemented in Michigan.  If you think Ohio or Wisconsin is bad, what is going on in Michigan will make all of the state’s citizens refugees and prsioners of the rancid policies of the right-wing fedualists intent on destroying lives for profit and power.

You can see the dreadful strategies and plans at http://dailycensored.com/2011/08/17/the-one-kent-coalition-a-secretive-organization-that-includes-the-devos-family-continues-to-push-legislation-promoted-by-alec-the-mackinac-center-and-michigan-leaders-for-business-to-consolidate-lo/

Michigan Republicans Poised to Slash Up to 57% from City Revenues:


“The state of Michigan’s has a new diabolical scheme to eliminate the tax and it’s the worst kind of dogmatic irresponsibility…as in, it’s the kind that’s going to bring ruin on many of our more industrial centers in Michigan. As in, finished. Done. Deadsville. Bankrupt. As if our cities need another boot to the head.”  www.bloggingformichigan.com/2011/08/24/michigan-republicans-poised-to-slash-up-to-57-from-city-revenues/

Business tax repeal could hit cities hard:


“Michigan city officials say they fear even more cuts to their already shrunken revenues as the Republican-controlled Legislature is poised to repeal another major business tax. A phase-out of the personal property tax is the No. 2 tax reform priority after the recent repeal of the Michigan Business Tax and is on the fall agenda, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley said Tuesday. The tax generates about $1 billion a year. Close to 80 percent goes to local governments, with most of the remainder going to local school districts.

“I basically would have no other choice but to declare bankruptcy,” if the tax was repealed and not replaced, said River Rouge Mayor Michael Bowdler. “You’re punishing communities that have been corporation friendly, versus the bedroom communities that don’t have to put up with the noise and the dust and everything else.”  www.detnews.com/article/20110824/METRO/108240385/Business-tax-repeal-could-hit-cities-hard#ixzz1VxSPYRj9

Who’s pushing this legislation? The Michigan Manufacturers Association and their Board of Directors: 

The Michigan Manufacturer’s 2011 agenda mirrors legislative templates from ALEC and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy:
Among some of the proposals the Michigan Manufacturers Association calls for are eliminating all business property taxes, rolling back environmental protections, government reforms - including privatization of governmental services and schools and consolidation of local government: www.mma-net.org/content/pdf/legagenda11.pdf
For more information on the American Legislative Exchange Council’s policies:  www.alecexposed.org/wiki/ALEC_Exposed