Generation after generation, whilst the rich men who own and run the world continue to make money and gain power, populations from all corners of the world continue to endure, accept even, hundreds of tragic armed conflicts, small and large, only because they have been brainwashed to accept what they are told by politicians and the corporate Press. Humankind has been educated to believe that politicians, diplomats and journalists really mean what they say.

Of course they mean what they say, but, what they mean is usually something very different from what they want populations to “understand”, imagine and believe.

Take the recent case of the capture of a Taliban military chief. Ross Lydall, chief News correspondent at London’s (UK) Evening Standard, wrote on 16 February “….. his capture may be part of a plan for a negotiated settlement with the Taliban”.

The journalist is either very naive of really thinks the reader is an idiot, who will easily take his words as something positive, ergo, a possible or imminent end to the conflict.  What most readers do not realiseis that, in political language, a “settlement” in this case means to agree on how much more money the Taliban is prepared to spend on weapons, for how long they can continue this game of war, started in 2003. For the sake of everybody’s business (on “all” sides of the conflict it has to be made to last as long as possible.

How many people, soldiers or civilians, die, lose their health, their limbs, their family, etc, is of no concern whatsoever to warlords, be they politicians, diplomats, military and Church chiefs, Press and oil moguls, etc. Many of them involved, directly or indirectly, to weapon manufacturing and trade.

What is fascinating to me, is to observe how, an otherwise “thinking” population, is utterly blind when it comes to games of war. For instance, if a game of soccer was played between a team of grown-up professional players and one made up of football-playing children, everybody would “know” the first team will win the game. Equally, if there was a fight between a puma and a dog, everybody will know the dog has no chances of winning..

This type of thinking seems to be totally eroded from the minds of entire populations.  You don’t even have a journalist who will question: “how can it be possible that International Armed Forces of hundreds of thousands, equipped with the most sophisticated weapons available today, with powerful air-fighters, short and long range missiles, state of the art communication and spying equipment, spying satellites, pilot-less drones, etc., etc., cannot defeat a midget army, with no tanks, no air-figters, no war-helicopters, no warships, etc.

The answer is very simple: USA and its NATO allies DO NOT WANT to put an end to the war.  Of course the same applies to Bin Laden and his cronies. They want to keep the “business” going. This is “why” not only we make sure Taliban and Al Qaeda, are continuously well supplied with weapons and bomb-making materials, but we have arranged for Bin Laden to have the most extraordinary communications equipment, so that he can operate in comfort from a cave in Afghanistan.

Same in Iraq and, of course, with the Israel/Palestine conflict, as with all countries in the world were armed conflict is rife.

The other incident that shows to what extent populations are brain-washed into thinking a certain way, is the recewnt assassination, in Dubai, of the Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a senior military commander.

The whole world, politicians, diplomats, journalists and masses of people interested in politics, spend time discussing whether al-Mabhouh was murdered by Mossad or by another intellegence agency. Whether or not the British Government knew the assassins would be traveling to Dubai with British passports.  There are people who argue he had to be killed, others that it was wrong to kill him.

All of this is, to me, a complete waste of time.  I feel the most important question - almost the only valid question - in this case, ought to be: what has the world gained by getting rid of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh? to me: the world has gained nothing. The only winners are those who got paid for carrying out the act.  Why this is so? purely and simply, because for the weapon business to continue and develop, for a never-ending conflict in the Middle East, someone will have to replace al-Mabhouh. Unless politicians put a stop to weapon development, manufacturing and trade, (bot conventional and nuclear) all their talk about “working for Peace, Justice, Human Rights, etc, is a lie, a BIG LIE. Alberto Portugheis (Masterclasses)