Please Join us this episode for an exclusive interview with internationally esteemed journalist, Keith Harmon Snow. Keith will be discussing the details surrounding his most recent reports , “GENOCIDE IN LIBYA? NATO INVASION UNDER WAY? ITS THE OIL, STUPID” and “Nuclear Apocalypse in Japan”.

This was an incredibly detail oriented and comprehensive show regarding Mr. Snow’s most recent works. Mr. Snow completely broke down everything the corporate media will never tell you regarding Libya and the US and NATO self interest toward pushing for illegal regime change through extreme military aggression in that OIL Rich Country!

His piece on Japan the ongoing Nuclear Crisis discloses vital information that the corporate media refuses to uncover in its proper light and context. The information he provided within this interview gives desperately needed perspective and context regarding the danger of “Nuclear Energy” throughout the globe. This interview is nothing short of a must listen. Please listen and spread this email to all of your contacts…

Links to Keith Harmon’s aforementioned articles are directly below:

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