The Nation is horrified.  13 soldiers are killed by a Muslim.  The President offers a eulogy.  Is it terrorism?  Is it an act of war?  Of course it is.  Which? Well both, silly.  What happened here is no different than what happens over in Afghanistan and Iraq every day.  We just do not get to see it close up.  To me, the only difference between here and there is the letter “t.”

We are about to “celebrate” Veteran’s Day. How fitting.  Maybe we can start by really honoring them.  It has only been in the last six months that our government has acknowledged the horrors of Agent Orange and what it has contributed to the deterioration of our Viet Nam era vets.  Still in the air, as it were, is the poor health of the first Gulf War veterans from having breathed the smoke from Saddam’s fires.  In the headlines today is the sad state of progress towards caring for the rape victims and other health issues of the women in our military.

I find it disgusting to consider the unsettled issues above while Obama searches for the means to justify sentencing tens of thousands of more young men and women to physical and psychological battering in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The previous administration jumped from one attempted justification to another, like a kid playing “hop scotch” as each reason in turn, turned out to be a lie.

We are still left with no good reason for our war in Iraq and we plan to leave 50,000 soldiers there.  There is no legal government in Afghanistan, not to mention no clear enemy and we cannot seem to extricate ourselves from there either.  Heroin is helping to finance the war against us.  Our CIA finances one of the main heroin kingpins and because that kingpin is the ruler’s brother, the only thing our military can do is watch the poppys grow.

What the hell are we doing?  Oh yeah, I forgot.  We are celebrating Veteran’s Day.