Dear community and supporters, We have managed to hold on to the Lakeview building and grounds for 6 days now!!! We also have been running a free Social Justice based summer program since Monday morning. Each day we have had more students attending. Yesterday there were between 20 and 30 students! For more updates and pictures check out our blog at:


We are Sitting-in at Lakeview, holding the People’s School for Public Education to demand: We are still here, after 6 days,because of the massive support we have received from the community members, teachers, parents, students, organizations, unions and media. We are thankful for all of your support and also ask that you continue to support us in the coming days and weeks. Come to speak-outs every day outside of Lakeview at 5pm. March on Saturday at 12pm from Oscar Grant plaza to Lakeview Elementary. And spread the word! Also, help us spread word about the March this SATURDAY. We have teams passing out thousands of fliers, but we always need more help!


Please come down to get copies, or print straight from here! Other ways to support include:


Sign the petition: Donate funds:


Volunteer: email

with your interests and availability or come on down to Lakeview Spread the word: like us on facebook, tell your friends, forward our emails, pick up flyers at Lakeview and pass them out!


Come by Lakeview between 4:30pm and 7pm to participate in a picket, holding signs and giving out fliers.


Participate in “The People’s School for Public Education” Enroll your children Support us through leading a class or activity-email to let us know Donate food or supplies: your contributions are always welcome, bring them down to Lakeview!


Our current wishlist includes Napkins/paper towels Tents/sleeping bags Tupperware containers/zip lock bags Hula Hoops/Jump Ropes Snacks for kids-snack bars, juice, fruit Lunch for the kids: email us at if you can provide lunch for our kids one day this week. Coolers and ice Walkie Talkies Pens Toner for a large copy machine (ask us about the specific model)


If you are part of a union/organization/community group/faith community please: Invite members of your organization to the daily 5pm actions outside of Lakeview and to the Saturday 12pm march meeting at Oscar Grant Plaza. Officially endorse the Lakeview Sit-in, “The People’s School for Public Education” and our demands.

You can email me with your endorsement. We will post that endorsement on our blog at

Our list of demands can be found here:


Write a letter in support of this action. We will post it on our blog and facebook and also send it to Tony Smith (OUSD superintendent).


See more at: