This is from an article I wrote for Dailycensored back in 2010:
“As profits may be in jeopardy, the private owners and major stockholders of the educational means of production have now “lobbied-up.” Take Corinthian Colleges, with about 110,000 students in the Everest, Wyotech and Heald schools: they hired former House Democratic leader Richard A. Gephardt (Missouri) as a lobbyist. The Washington Post, owner of Kaplan, with about 112,000 students, hired Steve Elmendorf, a former Gephardt aide, as a lobbyist. They also hired Anita Dunn, a former communications director in the Obama White House, as an adviser (read, lobbyist) for them. Industry lobbyists and leaders know that the screws might be tightened on corporate profits and they have aligned their interests by pooling money for an outright push-back against any regulations.”

Corinthian Colleges, the parent company of Wyotech, Heald, and Everest is looking very interesting behind the scenes. Sounds a lot like Enron before they collapsed.

Take a look at the blatant comments below and ask how and why these for-profit predatory colleges can continue to expand.

Anonymous , Monday 9/30/13 6:55 AM

It’s different this time because former suckers (oops students) are knocking on the doors of DOE and Congress.

Anonymous , Monday 9/30/13 6:33 AM

Listen to yourselves. The DOE knows! The DOJ knows! Everybody knows! You are all listing abuses, misconduct, cheating, CRIMES. So tell me is the government incompetent, corrupt or what? You tell us what gives. It has all been going on for years and nothings changed. Imagine you uncovered all these crimes that the government has been unable to find and prosecute.

Anonymous (THAT IS THE CCI WAY), Monday 9/30/13 3:44 AM

That is nothing new- they have been recruiting this way at many campuses all over the country. This is their market, and since there are so many poor and mentally disabled they have plenty to chose from. And how bout those in the late late 60s/70s taking massage therapy, etc. Get real folks- think these loans will be paid, think they will get jobs. GREED, they have no heart in who they suck in.

Anonymous , Sunday 9/29/13 9:32 PM

The US Government is looking at Heald REAL CLOSELY. The DOE knows that Heald is recruiting out of homeless shelters, the county jail, people wandering on the streets. DOE is also looking at the graduation rates. WASC is starting to make noises about poor student learning outcomes. (e.g. The graduates can’t find jobs along with employers discontinuing their employment relationships).

Anonymous , Saturday 9/28/13 1:44 AM

If you expect to save your sales job by working 168 hours a week for the next 3 weeks trying to find the suckers (oops students) to fill up the chairs then you are wasting your time. Heald is going to lay off in admissions on the first day of class in October. Heald Faculty are mandated to pass everybody preferably giving everybody an A.

Anonymous , Friday 9/27/13 4:55 PM

They ALL deserve to close down, and the Directors of Admissions and their fast talkin reps (especially in Florida) should have their own kids get lied to about their education and be left to fend for themselves. What goes around….Please people let’s EDUCATE all those we know in avoiding these kinds of greedy businesses. They are NOT SCHOOLS, they are IN BUSINESS TO MAKE MONEY. Period.

Anonymous , Friday 9/27/13 11:43 AM

Hell you can take one 6 week elective class at wyotech and have an associates degree. And they tell the students it will transfer to an college or university so they can continue on for their BS. Well the wyotech staff, all professionals, mean the BS is bullshit.

Anonymous , Friday 9/27/13 8:06 AM

Heald College admission people are now working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week to fill up the chairs for the October quarter. The results don’t look good. Even the faculty are being asked to help in sales. No one believes the management is telling the truth about anything and if you ask the question: Is Heald up for sale ? then you get a blank stare.

Anonymous , Monday 9/23/13 1:38 PM

There is nothing good about wyocrap. Art Herman has no clue what he is doing or how to lead. Employers call almost on a daily basis saying our. “Graduated” students do not know even the basics to be productive. The work atomosphere here has been terrible ever since Art Herman and Mark Reynolds have been in charge and apparently the employee surveys mean nothing. There is so much bad energy among people that work here you can see it and smell it walking in every morning. You have to watch your and cover your ass on a daily basis because of all the “back stabbing” that goes on. If your a prospective student stay away. If your a potential future employee stay away for your own well being. Many of us have all ready been looking for new jobs else where. This is and has been a sinking ship!!!

Anonymous , Monday 9/23/13 1:14 PM

I’m shocked placement is even 16%, out of those however many got jobs that were NOT directly course study related. I have a friend who went there and is doing front desk at a medical clinic. Common complaint.

Anonymous (WE MUST ALL), Saturday 9/21/13 5:54 PM

Be pro-active in educating people to AVOID these types of schools! Word of mouth is the best form of advertising- thru fb/twitter/gmail, etc.- INFORM, ADVISE, WARN…..its the only way to override this shameful scam of a business.

Anonymous , Saturday 9/21/13 5:49 PM

I totally agree with the last posted comment, Jack and his Corporate Leaders aka: flunkies should be ashamed of themselves, I too have gotten many deferments, & forbearance because the degrees are not worth the paper they are printed on thus leaving me and countless other students scrambling to find employment so that we can pay the government back instead of defaulting on our loans and ruining our credit

Anonymous , Saturday 9/21/13 2:41 PM

Ukk these countless remarks of such bad behavior and misconduct gets me absolutely sick- at the cost of $6,0000-50,0000 to the students. Crazy. I have consolidated soooo many loans that weren’t worth the paper they are written on. What a waste of money- the government really has to promote more community based programs and colleges, more on trade. I’d be very embarrassed if I were Jack and the many other leaders of what they represent. It’s really sickening

“Anonymous , Thursday 5/23/13 3:29 PM

Well its a shotty product run by shotty characters, that pay high bucks for those who can’t manage honestly and effectively- and continuously mislead students. They can’t even follow their own lead. Our directors here are a bunch of phonies and totally unprofessional but if you are able to speak effectively to a crowd this seems to impress and secure your job. I hope the company gets exactly what they have given out.”

“Anonymous , Thursday 5/23/13 1:48 PM

cci is a company that has way to many illegal practices going on to help anyone. The students, employees, and communities that it operates in all suffer.”

“Anonymous , Wednesday 5/22/13 11:59 PM

thats b.s.- rose colored eyes….keep your mouths shut, remain annonomous because trust me you will be standing alone- just vent when you can while you look for a job. In the real world it does not work that way, for those who are good workers, get revenge by leaving. However if someone sexually harrasses you, does something unethical while you are there by all means don’t put up with it. But all the other complaints can’t and won’t change because it is the company itself who hires these b.s. directors/Presidents. And no matter they have heard and seen most complaints- and nothing changes, its that very mentality that they promote. I can’t tell you how many directors have broken severe rules and have gotten away with it- all for the sake of money. That is a company thing, not a person thing. Just get another job like I did….”

“Anonymous , Tuesday 5/21/13 2:57 PM

Pompano has long since been considered a lucky campus- with high enrollments over years, but we take everyone including those who are homeless, severe mental disabilities, its almost like a mental institution the element that they take advantage of. It should be illegal- you don’t have an address, a frame of clear reference you should not be taking USA’s money for loans. Now I ask you what are the changes they will be able to pay over $25,000 in loans- most drop out if they don’t get a clear pass by instructors. But by that time who cares, the school has some money. I don’t always feel so good about myself being here but I cant be without a