Project Censored The Movie - 2-minute trailer

Project Censored is leading 24 US universities and colleges for media literacy and truth, reports Associate Director Dr. Andy Lee Roth.

With validated independent news stories, annual “Top 25 Censored Stories,” and Daily Censored, Project Censored is an essential resource for your favorite and local colleges/universities.  If taking action in this domain feels right for you, please feel free to contact their departments of journalism. If you’d like my assistance to report on what they choose to do, please let me know. Public pressure can force officials to do the right things, especially public colleges and universities.

The 2014 Worldwide Wave of Action (videos here) opens public engagement for truth rather than what Project Censored characterizes as “junk food news” that only temporarily satisfies, sickens one over time, and eventually kills you. Media Truth is at the heart of the 2014 Worldwide Wave of Action’s purpose:

Project Censored is media democracy in action. If you’d like to play here, go for it.