By Kathleen Barry,

Today, President Assad spoke on the uprisings in Syria. He attributed them to extremists. But we have been following the Syrian revolution on television and over the internet. When we hear comments like that, preceded by former President Mubarek’s claim that the Egyptian Revolution was provoked by Al Qaeda, we see just how ridiculous these leaders are. We know better. We know these are people’s revolutions, mostly sparked by non-violent protests until as in Syria, under attack by Assad’s police, the rebels arm themselves. Few ever take these leaders claims of terrorist or extremists insurrections seriously.

What will we say when the world hears from Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Obama, when we see the likely virulent resolutions from the US Congress, justify their same dictatorial, brutal attacks. That is what Israel is promising, on The Audacity of Hope the 2nd Freedom Flotilla that in coming days is heading toward Gaza. And we have every reason to believe that Netanyahu knows that Obama will back him. The organizers of this Gaza freedom flotilla have released this statement: “Though the flotilla has the right under international law to do exactly what it is doing and has made abundantly clear its commitment to nonviolence, the government of Israel has publicly stated that they are prepared to act illegally and violently and take severe, even potentially life-threatening, action against the boats and their passengers.” (

Will we once again watch the Prime Minister of Israel, the head of the Israeli Defense Force, President Obama, mimic the behavior of President Assad and President Mubarek, all of them acting from the remorseless inhumanity of what I have called Presidential Psychopathy?
In other words, we cannot find Assad and Mubarek ridiculous, heartless leaders who are contemptuous of their people without recognizing it in our own President of the U.S. and the Prime Minister of Israel. Lets expose them now before the best of our human rights advocates are exposed to their psycopathic wrath. Let them know we see through them just as we see through their kind in Assad, Mubarak.

Kathleen Barry Sociology Professor Emerita, Author of Unmaking War, Remaking Men