Wouldn’t it  be nice if someone would write as step-by-step analysis of how corrupt this for-profit higher educational system is, and how many people are complicit in its survival.  Below are just some of the ‘players’.


The predatory For-Profit Corporations

The Shareholders (including teacher retirements, public worker retirements, state governments)

The US Government (Department of Education, FTC, SEC)

The Politicians (Democrats as well as Republicans)

The Banks

The Collection Agencies

The Accrediting Agencies

The Media

The Unions


For-profit schools survive for several reasons:  International banks, predatory marketing, politicians on both sides of the aisle, government largesse, predatory collection agencies, a weak mainstream media, unwary students, complicit teachers unions, and questionable accrediting agencies, to name a few.

One of these organizations is named CHEA-the Council on Higher Education Accreditation.  CHEA oversees all the accrediting agencies, and maintains itself by billing colleges.  And amazingly (I’m being sarcastic), almost everyone gets accreditation.

From Wikipedia
“Work by the National Policy Board on Higher Education Institutional Accreditation (NPB), and other groups laid the groundwork for a national successor to COPA. Among their concerns were establishing a more grassroots membership, billing and fees, and advisory role of the accrediting associations, and improving the public image of accrediting and improving the ability to lobby the Federal government.[9][10][11]

And here’s CHEA’s positive position on for-profit schools

According to a recent article in the Sacramento Bee:

“For some for-profit skeptics, the accreditation agencies are part of the issue. For-profit school executives often populate the leadership committees of accreditation agencies, and the revenue supporting accreditors flows from their member schools. That level of overlap between regulator and regulated raises questions about the amount of will to crack down.


“If the schools that are subject to the accreditation process are controlling the accreditation process, that is absolutely a legitimate concern,” said Pauline Abernathy, vice president of the Institute for College Access and Success. “I think there are many of the same concerns that were raised in the financial crisis where credit rating agencies were dependent on revenue from those they were rating.”


Those concerns surfaced at a 2010 U.S. Senate hearing. Lawmakers grilled Michael McComis of the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, responsible for dozens of WyoTech and Everest schools, about federal investigators finding fraud at schools that passed muster with accreditors.


In response, McComis said lawmakers misunderstood what his organization does. Its purpose is “to evaluate quality of education, not to detect fraud,” he testified, a point he reiterated to The Sacramento Bee.


“Accreditation is not designed to detect whether there is fraudulent activity being engaged in,” McComis told The Bee. “The accreditation process can find it, but it is not an audit along those particular lines.” ( http://www.sacbee.com/2013/10/27/5855028/heald-college-students-echo-california.html#storylink=cpy).  What mendacity!

Take the issue of City College of San Francisco (CCSF) which has been the object of ruthless activity by a paid for accrediting agency called ACCJC (http://www.dailycensored.com/skyline-college-slos-the-accjc-and-accreditation-the-privatization-of-california-community-colleges/) (http://www.dailycensored.com/for-the-eyes-and-the-minds-of-our-academic-senate-at-ccsf-an-alternate-approach/).

How can the ACCJC be convinced that CCSF should close down even though it is doing a great job while there are for-profits wasting hundreds of millions of tax dollars and ripping off students by offering worthless degrees?

Recently a writer, Margaret Hanzimanolis, noted in an e-mail:


“that the role of accrediting agencies in how our universities and colleges are run is so important to understand.  For those of you outside of California, the battle at Community College of San Francisco continues.  (Accrediting agency “closed” CCSF effective JUly 2014-85,000 students; the best or second best contract for Part Time Faculty (PTF) in the state-close parity, mirrored salary steps, contract language for “promotion” to FT).


Four legislators came to a panel yesterday and vowed to rein in the accrediting agency that is responsible for 89% of the sanctions nationwide:  ACCJC.  A chancellor from one district (900 PTF, 350 FTF)  even said that we must start over with another accrediting agency-one that “we” -though he most certainly did not mean PTF!- have a  hand in creating.


So there are high level movements afoot-in California at least- to revision the accrediting process, a process which has evidently been hijacked by privatization interests (Lumina, Alec, etc. Lumina has given the accrediting agencies responsible for the closing of CCSF 2 million dollars-about 1/5 of their budget) .  I hope everyone has been paying attention to this battle in California because it is coming your way…..


The growing consensus from some administrators and most  faculty groups,  is that this attack on public education will need to be beat back in the courtrooms (there are three lawsuits alleging conflict of interest, inconsistent sanction language, and inadequate faculty representation) AND in legislative fixes.


Let’s not-the PTF activist group-be left out of this discussion.  The arena will be statewide Ed Code and possible labor law.  Up until now, the PTF question has not been raised.   Should an accrediting agency “look” at PTF pay and working conditions as part of the evaluation of institutional fitness?  I am not certain if this is strategically useful (there are backfire possibilities I an imagine), and I would like to invite some thinking  from others on how to insert the PTF question effectively into the accreditation battles.   Is the accrediting process a soft point right now for propelling change for PTF?  I think it is.  But we are largely not in the conversation.


I live LIVE blogged the panel yesterday (well, half of it) for CPFAforum blog” (e-mail).


The list of for-profit predatorys colleges and universities under investigation

State by state these predatory monsters are being pursued by Attorney Generals.  This is all good news, but it is not enough.  There must be a people’s movement to disinvest in for-profit stocks, especially these stocks held by public teacher union pension funds, and also move to both repeal the bankruptcy law to allow for student debt to be erased through bankruptcy and stop giving these profit centers federal funds.

For a list of the colleges and universities under investigation state by state you can go to:


The Neo-liberal US government is propping up for-profit  swindles with tens of billions of tax dollars

“Between 2001 and 2010, the share of title IV Federal financial aid funds flowing to for profit colleges increased from 12.2 to 24.8 percent and from $5.4 to $32.2 billion.

The Student Aid Data Center reported figures for 2000-1  (only one year and this was 12 years ago) calculated using data provided to the committee by the U.S. Department of Education.

Title IV Program Volume Reports by School:

http://federalstudentaid.ed.gov/datacenter/programmatic.html (accessed July 12, 2012), 2000-1 and 2009-10.

“Federal financial aid funds” as used in this report means funds made available through Title IV of the Higher Education Act, including subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans, Pell grants, PLUS loans and multiple other small loan and grant programs. See 20 U.S.C. § 1070 et seq. Senate HELP Committee staff analysis of U.S. Department of Education.

But as I have reported and many others, the amount stolen from taxpayers is astonishing!


The US government is acting like a bag man, propping up for-profit schools with tens of billions of dollars in aid every year.  If this gravy train is to continue, funding for public higher education will need to be cut.


Veterans and African Americans hit hard by for-profit college racket


Now that many of these drive-by schools are facing lower enrollments, it means they have to be even more manipulative and deceptive.  They are particularly aggressive with veterans, middle-aged women, people of color, ex-felons, and the underemployed and unemployed. A case in point:

In a predominantly African American suburb Willingboro, New Jersey, a Strayer is next door to a branch campus of the local community college, Burlington County College. Strayer, unfortunately, has an articulation agreement with the community college. This is similar to what is going on at Santa Monica Csollege where the University of Phoenix has ‘partnered’ with what was once a community college.

In the same African American suburb, an enrollment person at Devry (Keller School of Management) is holding a talk this week at the local library called “Emotional Barriers to Returning to School.  It appears that the talk is one way that Devry finds recruits and lowers their resistance to risk. Their pitch is deceptive and manipulative by omitting  important facts.  There is no mention of graduation rates, default rates, or lifetime debt, which are valid reasons for a person to think twice about these for-profit schools.

Devry’s School of Business (Keller Management) is selling a load of lies to potential students.  Some of the misleading disinformation is below.
The quotes below show that we have a problem not only with the for-profit colleges, but also the organizations that accredit them, thereby giving them an aura of  legitimacy just like Moodys and other stock accrediting agencies did for phony stocks that crashed in 2008.

The pitch gives us the idea that graduate school can be faster and more convenient than public schools, but also fails to mention the low graduation rates, high default rates, and greater possibilities of lifetime debt peonage.
From http://kccl.complydev.com/data/Addressing_Emotional_Barriers.pdf

“But the fact is that there are many

“career schools” with many convenient locations

and online options that offer accreditation by

the most respected educational associations.”

“Career colleges can be the perfect fit for adult

learners because these schools are typically less

expensive than a traditional college when the

student is attending school part time and not

living on campus. Education can be expensive,

but adults must consider the investment they are

making for their future and the potential career advancement a degree will provide.”
Here is what sordid Devry is selling:



Veterans have been hit particularly hard by the for-profit college racket.  Coming home from imperialist wars they find the same racketeers now fleecing them for phony degrees at astronomical prices.  The for-profit racketeers have found a way to get their hands on veteran funds now, not just Title IV funds.  Veterans are low hanging fruit for the criminal colleges.


For a good look at how veterans are paying through the teeth for phony degrees you can go to (http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/carrie-wofford/2013/11/11/this-veterans-day-help-a-vet-avoid-a-gi-bill-for-profit-college-scam).


More news on the Corinthians College fraud

Corinthian Colleges is being sued by the State of California for misleading students and potential students.

The school offers a questionable education at outrageous prices.  The only way it stays in business is by targeting vulnerable populations and using billions in government funds that could be used for better purposes.

The corporation was sued in 2007 by the State of California and has continued to use unethical tactics to target veterans, middle-aged women, people of color, the unemployed and underemployed, felons, socially isolated people, and people with behavioral problems.

The school also uses a sub-prime loan program (Genesis Lending) that uses predatory tactics.


CalPERS and the CA Teachers retirement fund are invested in Corinthians.  Corinthians is being sued again by the State of California for predatory business practices (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/davidhalperin/who-owns-the-awful-corint_b_4101323.html).


Back on October 16, 2013 researcher and union activist, Dahn Shaulis wrote the teacher’s union, specifically Daniel Martin, Executive Director of the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) about how and why the teacher’s pension funds are invested in criminal colleges like Corinthians.  His e-mail stated:

“Dear Mr. Martin,

My name is Dahn Shaulis. I am leading a campaign to get teachers to divest from Corinthian Colleges (now being sued by the California AG for a second time), Apollo Group, and other for-profit predators in higher education.

In the course of my research, I found that teachers retirements were invested in these schools.

I would like CFT to consider pressuring fund managers to divest from these corporations which undermine their own profession.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Dahn Shaulis, Ph.D.

Member, AFT Local 2222

Martin replied on October 17, 2013:

“Thank you for your note Dr. Shaulis.  Please let me look into this and get back to you” (e-mail).

Like most teacher pension fund managers and high paid leadership Martin never did reply.  It has been almost a month.

The reason is simple and I have written about it extensively: teacher pension funds are now chasing 8% returns and have no ethics or morals as to how they get it.  Their pension fund managers are little more than hedge fund operators and they are tied directly to Wall Street.

Investing in for-profit colleges and universities not only means less money for public colleges and universities, it is a death sentence for many students.

Here are some of the words of employees, former employees, students, and former students.  They should shock you!  For as taxpayers, you are paying to support this criminal enterprise.  And as public employees of public collweges and universities you are allowing your union pension fund managers to ruin student lives, assure pensions are stolen by Wall St. and putting the entire public teacher pension fund system in all states at grave risk.

Anonymous (Florida Campuses), Wednesday 11/06/13 04:14:31 ¶

I worked at a few in Florida- Kendal and Miami were always pit holes, close them all down already and save the consumers more deceit and debt.




Anonymous , Wednesday 11/06/13 03:51:30 ¶

I totally agree with the comment posted below - fed-up with the BS.. I live in a different state where students are filing lawsuits Colorado, but know people in Georgia as well as Alabama mad as Hell as Everest so this is nationwide and just a matter of time before all 25 States AG’s where CCI and their schools operate come looking for individuals aka: upper management to hold accountable for their wrongdoing so stay tuned….


Anonymous , Wednesday 11/06/13 03:38:14 ¶

Oh well I guess Reality Checks are finally in order and now that they have pretty much admitted today just how corrupt they are now it’s time to lawyer-up and get ready to start fighting all of the investor and student lawsuits that are LOOMING!!!!!! What A Shame…..



Wyotech , Wednesday 11/06/13 03:09:58 ¶

They need to sell all the wyotechs!!! Poor kids deserve a lot better then false dreams of automotive, diesel, and collision careers that they are not qualified for when they leave school. The elective programs are also a joke!!!!! 30 to 40 grand for what ….. they don’t even get a hand job!!



Anonymous , Wednesday 11/06/13 01:50:43 ¶

CCI: In my 20 years of a career, I’ve never worked for such an utterly dysfunctional, unethical company, completely out of reality company. I should have listened and never worked for such a corrupt full of crap company. I’ve seen more unethical things done that CCI just threw money at to attempt to fix then address the problem in an appropriate manner. Dollars to doughnuts, the incompetent leaders at top will start to sell of chunks of the company piece by piece. I’m assing today’s announcement is just the beginning. Im blown away by the ineptitude of this companies leadership and direction. Common response is-oh what we are doing is working so that makes it ok? I suspect of that means pushing your staff to stroking out and bilking money out of people that have no intent to pay it back then hey- YOU ARE WINNING!



FED UP WITH THE BS , Wednesday 11/06/13 01:50:29 ¶

I actually work at one of the campuses that will be sold but I truly believe that no one in their right mind will want to purchase anything related to Corinthian Colleges. They are doing this instead(selling) to not make it seem so obvious that they are crooks and are being investigated by just about every attorney general in the states where they operate. I knew this day was coming and it’s a shame that the state won’t just shut them down and eliminate the opportunity for Corinthian to make a profit.




anonymous (Wyo-why), Saturday 11/02/13 18:25:30

I am a former teacher at Wyotech in Blairsville. Any person who has worked there knows by now what a truely despicable place it is. From the top (Art) on down the line, these people lie to parents, students, and employees on a daily basis. They have no moral compass to speak of,they are, sadly enough, perfect examples of the libral rot eating this country from the inside out. Any parent visiting this site: Please, please, please do not choose Wyotech for your child. You would be better off locking your kid in the basement with a pork chop around his neck and a pit bull for company.



Anonymous , Friday 11/01/13 14:45:01

What a great idea! Every student nationwide that is a part of anything CCI, Everest, Heald, or WyoTech should be writing something on every posting site in America and put the whole entire organization on Full Blast for their shady practices and shut the doors closed for good!!!!!!


Anonymous , Friday 11/01/13 07:24:55

If you are a Heald College graduate and can’t find a job then go to your alma mata Heald Campus’ Facebook page and post your experiences. Go to yelp dot com and post a review. Tell your friends to NOT go to Heald. (The same is applicable to any other CCI “property”)



Anonymous , Thursday 10/31/13 12:45:07

I agree with the post below, no matter what job I apply for with my criminal justice degree, I always get the feeling that the interviewer doesn’t want to tell me that my degree is worthless and I have zero experience in the position i’m applying for so instead they say we have several other interviews and will get back with you if your one of our finalists only to be let down once again. Hell I gan’t even get a $9 hr. job as a security guard let alone anything else with this piece a paper because a degree is starting to mean nothing any more when putting it on my resume how sad!!!

Anonymous , Thursday 10/31/13 08:55:33

We interviewed someone with a Heald IT degree and said in so many words “Don’t bother getting into IT as you don’t know anything”.



Anonymous , Wednesday 10/30/13 21:26:06

I truly hope that former and current students are going to be up to the challenge and join forces with the Attorney General in California and file your claim.I’m a former student who lives outside of California but must submit my claim in California being that this is a class action lawsuit brought on by the AG as well as CCI being headquarted there. So to all of my fellow & current students the choice is truly yours for the taking being that you were screwed over literally by all of CCI’s different entities and left with worthless degrees and diplomas what a SHAME!!!

Anonymous , Monday 10/28/13 15:03:56

I was an instructor at Wyotech also and I’m happy that I’m not anymore. When I started looking out into the classroom and seeing most of the students as poor saps that are going to owe more than they could pay back in two lifetimes, I knew it was time to get out. You’re right about the management, you cannot trust anything they tell you. One time the Stig (hehe) came to the school and fed us more bullshit in an hour than anyone should be legally required to listen to. (remember the “$17 million plus $15 million = 30 million” line anyone?) This all filters down to the local mgmt level so watch your backs everyone

Anonymous , Monday 10/28/13 14:28:05

I work at wyotech in blairsville also. I have seen so many students being lied to and taken advantage of if isn’t criminal is should be. I have seen many employees get screwed over to the point I’m surprised that it hasn’t already shut down. The management team at most levels here are nothing but lying sacks of crap that would sell their own mother for a buck. While I teach at wyotech there is not much an instructor can do. If you say something all you do is get put on the shit list. In my department no one trust the coordinator …..what a piece of work he is! While no one is hiring here just be cautious when applying you will hate it. If your a student or parent that is researching wyotech/cci stay away from this school! You’d be better off taking your money to Vegas…. Your odds would be better there to get a quality education there!

Anonymous , Thursday 10/17/13 15:20:18

As an instructor at wyotech I have been asked to falseify attendance, give special attention to the ones that are failing, and read tests to my students because they can’t read. They also want the instructor to say it is all right when they misbehave or break the rules by not giving professional points off their grade. Then they don’t have your back at all so it looks like you made the decision for the student stays in class.

Anonymous , Thursday 10/17/13 13:17:03

I totally agree with the earlier post…. CCI needs to just close down and make a brand new sweep of their whole organization if they want to continue operating. I mean come on how many times are you gonna be sued for wrongdoing, it just goes to show many students how misleading and corrupt all of your campuses are shutdown already I beg you!!!!

Anonymous , Thursday 10/17/13 02:30:50

All good suggestions but it’s called community colleges….


Anonymous , Wednesday 10/16/13 21:31:13

Great suggestions! However, they should also SLASH all salaries, make it comparable to what a student will be making after spending an avg of $10,000.00 out of pocket. I bet they can easily get with the economy far better Presidents, Directors at half the salaries! Clean sweep your company Mr. Corporate Greed.

Anonymous , Wednesday 10/16/13 21:14:34

The only way to save CCI is to close down more than half your schools- get rid of all the lying cheating admissions reps, the Directors of Admissions and Finance, and drop your tuition in half. Then hire honest people who know how to help counsel people properly- and motivate by other means other than your stupid dinners, fly aways and other “added bonuses”. Hire people who are capable of being unbias and FAIR, eliminate all friends, those you are sleeping with and FOCUS ON EDUCATION- I doubt you will be willing to make any of those changes, but until then regardless of how “careful” you think you all are in the management of others, its going to haunt you.

Anonymous , Wednesday 10/16/13 21:07:01

2010……they still exaggerate this second. And your enrollment numbers are down because why? Don be a dumbass corporate weinnie all your life. Piss poor management and greed is what is doing cci in. People are sick and tried of the lies!

Anonymous , Wednesday 10/16/13 20:24:42

Hey it only takes one whistle blower to rock the boat…..being careful that is… Lol

Anonymous , Wednesday 10/16/13 13:21:32

I’m looking at my class now and there’s a lot of window lickers opps my bad bad I mean paying revenue students….they need to change the wyotech eagle symbol to a pigpen because that’s what these poor students are…..

Anonymous , Wednesday 10/16/13 13:06:04

Wyotechs motto is “don’t be a riff pass a tard/student”. Everyone passes….it’s a diploma mill.


Anonymous , Tuesday 10/15/13 19:22:13

You forgot spear chuckers, bean eaters and dirty hebs.

Profile of Who They Hire in Admissions and Placement , Tuesday 10/15/13 17:38:46

Poor, Disadvantaged, Mentally Challenged, Drop-outs, Criminals, Mentally Disturbed, Unemployed, Uneducated, Elderly, illiterate domestic and foreigners.

Anonymous , Tuesday 10/15/13 13:08:51

It’s most likely the campus president in Tampa since all CCI campus president will do anything for a buck look at wyotech they will.

Anonymous (Profile of Who They Go After), Tuesday 10/15/13 03:19:25

Military, Poor, Disadvantaged, Mentally Challenged, Drop-outs, Criminals, Mentally Disturbed, Unemployed, Uneducated, Elderly, illiterate domestic and foreigners.

Anonymous , Tuesday 10/15/13 03:12:07

Wyotech is full of students with serious criminal convictions. The question is why? They can’t get a job in the field so why? All they ask the prospective student is have you ever been in trouble with the law. If he says no well that’s good enough for us…. Sign right here and welcome to wyoconvict! That’s a safety hazard for employees and the community!!!!

Anonymous , Monday 10/14/13 22:30:25

I totally agree with the below comment, The Government should be issuing I.O.U’s to CCI for all of their corrupt & scheming ways especially being that they are being sued again for not following rules all about GREED!!! Hopefully they will be closed down soon and if even they do resurface under a different name maybe they will have learned a lesson…


Anonymous (CAMDEN YOU ROCK!), Monday 10/14/13 21:47:43

Camden Kid thanks for keeping us posted- hope this does make some type of impact, as I know through formerly working in admissions cold calling is key to the sales team. Hopefully many more changes — until they are out of business completely. The government should be issuing CCI more than stricter policies- how bout I.O.U.s for all the money they received.

Anonymous , Monday 10/14/13 17:17:48

To Monday 10/14/13 12:17 PM. You are 100% right. Not too many phases ago, every student in the front row of my class had been in prison. Not just on probation- I mean in prison. Years. We’ve also had students pulled out of class and had the cuffs slapped on them and hauled away. Two years ago or so, we had a murderer pulled out of class too. Nice job Wyotech recruiters!

Anonymous (Below comment), Monday 10/14/13 12:44:42

How True! When I was an admissions rep we NEVER gave too much outside information to students, minimal regarding backgrounds connected to jobs. In Florida almost every place runs backgrounds- no doubt we took advantage of students. I’m ashamed….

Anonymous , Monday 10/14/13 12:17:02

Wyotech lives off the military. If they didn’t have the military they would dry up quickly. The other part they reap off is sub prime candidates which unfortunately because of their fate so far in life have serious criminal records. You can’t pass a background check in the transportation field to get hired. Wyotech either one doesn’t tell the student that because they do not run a background check or if asked puts it in a disguise so the student thinks he will get a job without a suspended drivers license for multiple DUI’s, for one example of many. Screw the student because that’s revenue.

Anonymous , Monday 10/14/13 00:05:44

Here’s too Oh Wow comments below….So you made a typo with your iPhone ok sorry for going hard on you, but don’t tell me to f-off because you read the entire lawsuit of the AG and you feel that she was over the top.What i’m going to need from you now is to F-off and back-off of anyone who has literally paid for their bogus degrees and education from CCI and their colleges and mind your own dam business because if it wasn’t for Kamala Harris staying on top of the frauds & crooks companies like this will continue to rob us!

Anonymous , Sunday 10/13/13 23:43:12

I totally agree with the below comment from - former student.. I also was a graduate from Everest College and have yet to utilize my degree even for a $9.00 an hr. job from my Criminal Justice Degree. With that being said I wouldn’t give a dam about political motivations or over the top allegations from the Attorney General or not, I was very disappointed with my overall experience at Everest and will definitely be pursuing whatever options available to me…Thanks Kamala Harris for bringing this Lawsuit!!!!


Anonymous , Sunday 10/13/13 23:16:09

I’m a former student, I could care less the motives behind Attorney General, all the government has to do is randomly interview all those who drop and/or graduate from these schools, and they will clearly get the reality check. I don’t have enough room on this site to voice all the ill advised and over promised things that come out of their mouths while you are about to enroll or are attending, does not compare to the reality afterwards when you are stuck with a private loan and federal loan and nothing else.

Anonymous , Sunday 10/13/13 07:14:43

@below comment, Please note that also anytime there’s a new lawsuit in place there’s new evidence as well. The most important thing anyone can take from this is that CCI relies heavily on Government funding for all of their colleges so no matter which one is in violation it goes against all of them. So quit calling people haters and just watch the proceedings begin hater!!!!

Anonymous , Sunday 10/13/13 06:56:19

Here’s to the stupid @ Kamala post below, first of all learn how to spell and then after that, once you get your grammer together, then I want you to read what was really stated by the Attorney General! What she said was that CCI has defrauded investors, mislead students and used military seals in the colleges brochures to lure military veterans to enroll at WyoTech in that order okay, so if anyone is a Stupid Ass person it’s you and whoever else thinks this is all for political gain!!

Anonymous , Sunday 10/13/13 01:53:25

Wyocrap is exactly it…… A shit quality school looking for persons to attend that otherwise could not in a traditional tech school. It needs shut down!!!

Anonymous , Saturday 10/12/13 21:08:39

I knows wyotechs accreditation through ACCSC is garbage. Shit paper is better to be accredited through.


Anonymous , Saturday 10/12/13 06:53:08

Here’s to the stupid post below regarding @ Kamala Harris… Whether it’s old news , some news, or a little news with few details or not… It’s going to become a nationwide lawsuit again for current and former students, as well as investor’s so excuse you for putting your two cents into such a sensitive issue where me myself was a student and taxpayer who got ripped off with a bogus worthless degree!!!

Anonymous , Saturday 10/12/13 06:44:39

It’s a shame when these companies become scandalous, when are company CEO’s going to learn that nothing last forever.If CCI was already sued for similar complaints back in 2007 and was sued successfully nationwide why would anyone let history repeat itself is beyond me… But then again there’s a saying that goes once a Thief always a Thief so it shouldn’t surprise me.

Anonymous (below comment), Saturday 10/12/13 03:17:41

I sure hope it is over- for all CCI’s schools.


Anonymous , Friday 10/11/13 23:30:10

Heald’s WASC accreditation is in jeopardy with the allegations of falsified claims of student employment upon graduation. The DOE is likely to start disciplinary proceedings against CCI. It’s over folks.


Anonymous , Friday 10/11/13 22:53:45

Keep trying to bail the water out CCI but it’s sinking faster then your bailing. Don’t worry the good is that you won’t be hurting students or the taxpayer when your doors are finally shutdown.


@Kamala Harris , Friday 10/11/13 19:39:31

Nice try, honey, but your complaint is full of piddly details that are nothing new, and clearly the lawsuit is just a use of taxpayer dollars to get you some publicity.


Anonymous , Friday 10/11/13 19:07:37



Anonymous , Friday 10/11/13 17:34:42

The California lawsuit was filed at the San Francisco Superior Court. Google for SF superior court and search for the case : The People of the State of California VS. Heald College, et al. Case No. CGC 13 534793. The case is viewable in PDF. The case is being talked ALL OVER THE PLACE at “The Heald”. As one in upper management said, “Oops we are BUSTED”. “We need to find new suckers (oops students) REAL FAST”



Anonymous , Friday 10/11/13 04:57:47

To the comments slow that refer to the majority that work at CCI try to the right thing by the students you are so full of it. I know at wyotech that is not the case nor is it the case at Everest. If it were then the default rate would not be astromical. You may be trying but for every one that tries theirs 25 that are not. Sue the hell out of them I hope she goes after individuals at the campus leadership levels and I hope other states that bass the CCI brand follows suit!!!!


Anonymous (Thrilled), Friday 10/11/13 02:37:53

I am thrilled that Kamela Harris has stepped forward- bout time someone kicked CCI in the ass in California where the big wigs lie. They even mentioned Jack’s name in association to these misleading messages. Eventually….. things come around in due time, what you do to others comes back- may not happen right away but it will.


Anonymous (GOOD FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL), Friday 10/11/13 02:14:10

About time !!!!

Anonymous , Friday 10/11/13 02:12:14

Correction to below…I meant DO NOT HONOR-

Anonymous , Friday 10/11/13 02:11:11

Everyone has their own reality- but this site along with the decline I have experienced and the many good people they do honor, including students, has validity and volume. If more people knew about this site believe me it would crash with all those who see most just getting a paycheck.



Anonymous (Genesis), Friday 10/11/13 02:01:05

Sure payments “sound” affordable- but how do you expect a person who is unemployed, homeless, mentality diabled and/ or does not have credit history to be responsible enough or able to make $25.00 per month. And if some do, they are late and have to pay fees- add on the 14.9% interest rate on a $5,000.00 loan is a lot of money!!! This is not all mapped out and transparent. Our campus got rid of the Student Loan people who were really the only help and outlet for concerned delinquent/defaulted students and most are gone from all campuses if I’m not mistaken. SERVICE has been cut at the expense of students- NOT THE REVENUE DEPTS LIKE ADMISSIONS/FINANCIAL REPS. Very sad

Anonymous (Below comment), Friday 10/11/13 01:54:50

Have no idea who this person is that you are referring, but I am guessing assuming all these comments are legit that majority of individuals that work for CCI are in the greed mode and do not focus on the students’ wellbeing and education. Of course there are a few good men/women- however at the very top there are far less, or you would not see so much bad stuff on here. One good apple in a whole bunch won’t do much for a student- reality-

At Camden Kid <dahnshaulis@gmail.com> (@USinjustice), Genesis were forced upon all heald students with balances. Students are pulled out of class to sign those contracts. The fa rep will say that the minimum balance is $25 a month, but does not give the student the overall balance with the interest rate. I don’t believe it is ethical to do this, but it is being done at all Heald Campuses.


Anonymous , Thursday 10/10/13 18:44:02

I don’t know why everyone thinks they deserve a raise or merit raise for that matter working for the CCI Brand. First of all if they are already paying you guys the $35k - $45k a year to mislead potential students to enroll in your campuses that is the $$ we are paying out in the end for your bogus Degrees & Diplomas so nobody got nothing coming okay the Government & Taxpayers are maxed- out already!!!!


Anonymous , Thursday 10/10/13 16:47:23

yes bonus…if the keep the cost down and the campus makes a profit they get bonus. The bonus can range from 20 to 60 % of their base pay

Anonymous , Thursday 10/10/13 16:23:03

That worthless POS makes 175k ……that’s criminal. I wonder what the other tandem in the ranks makes a wyocrap? And what bonus for ruining a campus.

Anonymous , Thursday 10/10/13 15:36:57

and Herman gets to make his base of 175K + his Bonus (keep cost down)and get ur bonus Good Luck on that rise

Anonymous , Thursday 10/10/13 14:46:12

We want our merit raise back!!!!! I know our campus president Herman at wyotech has had several raises. It’s not fair as you cannot get advanced at all from him! Im/we are tired of being told half truths and so on! It’s not fair to the people that work here.

Anonymous , Thursday 10/10/13 14:22:02

For CCi to fix this problem they would have lay off all of Admissions and start over with new outlook on students. Put students first make sure student want to do this as career not as short time fix!! Don’t sell them a program

Anonymous , Thursday 10/10/13 04:09:36

At wyotech blairsville none of the “leaders” rarely even talk with the students unless of course they get heads up that they are leaving, in trouble, or behind on genesis payments. Trust me the big four at the campus level (five now with reshuffling) don’t care about education it’s evident in their actions or should I say inactions on student outcomes unless its to cover their asses. I need a new job away from wyotech….. Poor kids I do feel sorry for a lot of them.


Anonymous , Thursday 10/10/13 02:07:20

Gosh there are really a bunch of idiots that work for CCI! It’s no wonder why I last only a few months. It’s shocking what I read- this is OUR AMERICA. Pretty scary.


Anonymous , Thursday 10/10/13 01:22:09

Heald College sales people (oops admissions) are working 14 hours a day to bring in fresh suckers (oops students) for the upcoming quarter starting on Oct. 21.



Anonymous (Genesis Loans), Wednesday 10/09/13 21:38:33

I use to be a finance rep for CCI and yes we were told to “push/present” this lender as an immediate option for money. The students would go online to Genesis in front of us and key in all important verification/financial information. We were told to make an attempt to “get a cosigner” however most times the student is not with a responsible party. They would get approve within 24 hours and I don’t recall many who were ever rejected. The interest rate at the time was 14.9%. Until we were told to do so, we use to not mention that these payments would be starting immediately unlike the federal loans. But nowadays I think they have to emphasis this, though I’m sure if many can get away without, they would. If the student wanted to “shop” before committing to this lender we would tell them they it is unlikely they will get a school loan from a bank and they need to start/continue their studies immediately. After than Student Accounts is sent to skip trace continuously and follow these students- whatever it takes. The reps would even accept their cash and/or go to get cashier checks for students. Crazy! When they started cutting staff who did they cut most of all- those who SERVICE the students. Those they are REVENUE-generated were more incline to keep their jobs. Student Loan Specialist who gave the most help and good advise to students were cut just when they were making a difference. It is all about REVENUE…NOT SERVICE.


Anonymous (below comment), Wednesday 10/09/13 21:30:04

You should be ashamed of yourself- people like you give the kind whites (like myself) a bad name- and it is because of you that we seem to have to deal with the attitudes of folks who think that all of us think like you. You are an idiot!


Anonymous , Wednesday 10/09/13 20:47:24

There are SO many niggers and jews at EUO/Wyo, no wonder it’s going down hill.


Camden Kid <dahnshaulis@gmail.com> (@USinjustice), Wednesday 10/09/13 19:01:58

I am going to contact David Halperin about these Genesis Loans. If you have any stories to tell, please post them here, and I will forward them to Mr. Halperin. FYI: Mr. Halperin (a lawyer/activist) has written a great deal about for-profit colleges and subprime loans. His website is here:…http://www.huffingtonpost.com/davidhalperin/…… He wrote about subprime loans to students here…..http://www.huffingtonpost.com/davidhalperin/for-profit-college-analys_b_3399793.html…..


Anonymous , Wednesday 10/09/13 16:22:27

Kudos to the last several posts!!! Everything that everyone has said so far is true when it comes to the Genesis Loans. I was in class at Everest back in 2012 and they Dam sure did come find me while I was taking a test talking about making some dam arrangements on my loan otherwise I couldn’t get my books for my other classes. I can’t believe I was duped into thinking I would have a good quality education and now i’m stuck paying for a worthless Degree still can’t get over it!


Anonymous , Wednesday 10/09/13 14:32:21

Yes I agree with the comment below. As an instructor at the blairsville wyotech if you miss an email or don’t send a student ASAP down to the business office or financial aid office then your put on the “possible soon to be riff” list. Even if the student is in the middle of a test. And yes if they do not make arrangements to pay whatever then we have to kick them out of class. It’s hard enough to keep up with the rules because they change every five minutes and we get no support from our supervisors or upper management! …….and haven’t for a very long time since the current upper management team has been in place. They might have jumped around but it the same people.


Watcher (CSC), Wednesday 10/09/13 14:10:46

This company is just trying to survive and it is not looking to invest in improving existing programs. Then they get people to do a genesis loan probably telling people, that they will already have a job waiting for them when they graduate and there will be no problem paying off the loan. But with the job market the way it is and the lack of quality education these people are not getting any jobs. Seriously, this is one instance where you dont get what you pay for.


Anonymous , Wednesday 10/09/13 13:50:04

Camden Kid would know- but these “in-house” loans they promote is it legal? And is it legal to follow students and pull them from class? It’s so obvious what the primary focus is on. 14.9!!!!! Crazy. And these financial reps are just as bad as the Admissions Reps- they are all favoring and representing one thing THE SCHOOL, not students. As someone said this debt will affect a student more than they realize, and with little jobs and worthless paper they call a degree, you got a far less chance of paying. Even if you are that community college kid that is struggling to pay it off I am sure its not at a 14.9% rate nor was the education valueless.


Anonymous , Wednesday 10/09/13 13:17:02

It doesn’t take long as an instructor to realize that when you receive an email from the Financial Aid Department requesting to see a student, you better jump. God help you if you don’t send them down to straighten out the money problem. Even if they miss key instruction or a test. Got to keep that money river flowing!


Anonymous , Wednesday 10/09/13 09:50:14

The Genesis loan deal gets even better, when a student falls behind on their lone the Instructors are told to remove that student from class until they return with a slip stating they have fulfilled their “obligation”. What a bunch of crap, all about the money, don’t give a damn about the education…sad situation…


Anonymous , Wednesday 10/09/13 06:49:55

To the below comment posted, I too had to take out a Genesis Loan because before my mother’s passing I reduced my classes from full-time to part-time. Once I returned back F/T the financial aid dept. claimed I made too much money at the end of the year and needed to take out a Genesis Loan in order to start back going to school full-time what a bunch of B.S.!! Anyway long story short, I finally graduated got two stipend checks totaling $600 in my 27 months of attending Everest only to still not have a job in my Degree of Criminal Justice. I’m seriously talking about a waste of time and $$$$


Anonymous , Wednesday 10/09/13 00:24:16

No one MADE me sign, but let’s put it this way they were amazingly persuasive and claimed I could not find one outside of school- more convenient and easier to obtain when I was there signing up…. I think I can blame me and them for my mistake. CCI should not be encouraging these in-house loans in the first place - and at 14.9%.53


Anonymous , Tuesday 10/08/13 21:35:10

It’s a shame for someone to take out a genesis at that rate. No one makes you sign on the dotted line. Most of EUO students are seeking a stipend check.


Anonymous (Genesis Loans), Tuesday 10/08/13 21:14:18

How many are stuck with Genesis loans- mine is at an interest of 14.9!!!! Crazy. I am the stupid one I let my fast takin finance rep convince me


Anonymous , Tuesday 10/08/13 20:46:04

Default and being delinquent on these loans will destroy your credit, you will never be able to take another loan out- so think seriously about what you are getting yourself into and how much you will need to make to pay them off at high interest rates. They push that the government will pay for your education B.S.- you and me are paying for everyone’s education especially when no one is bothering to make loan payments. You will get charged as well as the government for an education loan- nothing is FREE in life!!!!! And if you think so you have been had.


Anonymous , Tuesday 10/08/13 20:41:11

Yes I agree- INFORM BE AN ADVOCATE AGAINST THESE TYPES OF SCHOOLS, its the only way to stop this from happening. If the government refuses to stop funding them well we can at least avoid going to these schools. Remember these loans will FOLLOW you forever, can’t even claim bankruptcy on them, eventually you will need to pay with or without a job! So again, if the paper is worth something its not as bad and it will still hold credibility and honor. You are far better off than taking loans out for these ridiculously outrageous overloaded loans. Shop around you will then realize!!!!


Anonymous (BE PROACTIVE AND SPREAD THE WORD!), Tuesday 10/08/13 20:35:18

Well the due just would be for all of us- Everest/Wyotech and whatever else they consider to be “a school”, to let us do the EDUCATING and inform/convince those who think about these types of school to leave- and those who are in them to get out hopefully sooner than later without getting stuck with these $30-60,000 loans. You can’t even transfer these credits so why are you there!!!!! Promote community colleges- FOR PROFIT is FOR PROFIT, their very name tells you what it is all about PROFIT! Greed. Tell people about this site and all others - go on face book, review websites and spread the word. At least if you are not reporting unethical procedures and tactics the least one can do is educate all those around you.


Anonymous , Tuesday 10/08/13 16:59:35

I wouldn’t let wyotech wash my car let alone work on it.


Anonymous , Tuesday 10/08/13 15:30:09

Wyotech is a ripoff!!!! Nine months and your a basic mechanic and that’s really questionable as you can fail the classroom part have 24 hours absent and a shit load of tardy’s and still pass. And all for the bargain of 30,000 dollars. What a deal!! NOT!!!! This place blows to work at!


Anonymous , Tuesday 10/08/13 15:17:56

Wow- it took a long time (years) for Wyotech to come up on here, but once it has all hell breaks loose. About time everyone sees that it’s all about the $$$!


Anonymous , Monday 10/07/13 22:08:01

WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY- OUR MONEY!!!! At least those who graduate from a reputable community college have something that is WORTH something- even if they can’t get the job they want due to economics. But FOR PROFIT degrees/diplomas are worthless- I have had several employers tell me that!

Anonymous , Monday 10/07/13 21:31:17

and that’s why WyoTech has Military admissions team. To make sure that they can get that G.I.B money


Anonymous , Monday 10/07/13 16:38:02

With all due respect to the military student trying to get an education, being that the Government and us Taxpayers are contributing to your education should be more reason for you to report the very same things most students are reporting is that your degree doesn’t mean anything after you graduate and you dam sure won’t be getting a job either so what good is it doing you to be going to school if the courses are so worthless you should still be leaving.. i.e. Practice What You Preach Before Posting!!!!!


Anonymous (Spread the word!!), Monday 10/07/13 16:35:55

below comment- Agreed all these programs suck, and I will start telling many students about this site. But remember in the end WE ALL PAY for this, our taxes- so they aren’t only screwing you, the government, but all the people. Programs are not free that all have to be funded. Thank you for your service.


Anonymous , Monday 10/07/13 16:02:50

You know I’m a military student here at wyotech. The quality of service and education overall just sucks. I’ve been through some programs here and the diesel and automotive programs are the worse and also some electives are not that great either. I’m glad I was told about this site but if the government wasn’t paying for this and I was I would have left after one class. I’ll pass this around so others can see for themselves.


Anonymous , Monday 10/07/13 16:02:24

Yes but WyoTech has lots of money to spend on TV Ads. “My School WyoTech” and it cost 40k to say that!



Anonymous , Sunday 10/06/13 21:18:25

Amen Camden Kid!!!!!!! You said a mouth full and all true!!!!! Wyotech is fake in every sense of being an educational institution. Keep up the info Camden and I’ll do my part by getting the word out also.



Camden Kid <dahnshaulis@gmail.com> (@USinjustice), Sunday 10/06/13 18:50:34

As a working class person who grew up near Blairsville, it hurts to hear these stories. Is there not a local community college that offers similar vocational education at lower tuition? I know we will always need mechanics, but do they have to be in lifetime debt bondage?…From the Laramie Boomerang…http://www.laramieboomerang.com/articles/2013/10/06/opinion/letters_to_the_editor/doc5250c938daa20314906087.txt……”Having worked in the auto business for over twenty years, here and in different states I can say without any reservation that Wyo Tech attendees and graduates are no more qualified or ready to enter the work place after phasing out, than they were upon entering that “school”. They are pathetically under trained, and truly the only thing they get for their tuition money is an inflated sense of worth in a competative work place. In all my years in the business I have hired and fired many tech kids. One in ten is qualified to work on the vehicles. two out of the remaining nine have enough work ethic to learn something while”


Anonymous , Sunday 10/06/13 12:08:26

Hey the big wigs are coming to blairsville wyotech soon. Maybe Art Herman will get the promotion he doesn’t deserve and it gets him out of this campus. Hopefully they decide to promote the VP and the old DOE. Hell take the new DOE to he has a lot of people skills …. Not. Start fresh with people who care more about quality and not money or at least a heathy balance. Heck campus atmosphere might go up 50% immediately if they did that…. Like to 10%. If I didn’t like to work on personal stuff for for extra money I would have left a long time ago but heck free garage, tools, materials, and a heated garage you can’t beat it!!!! Thanks wyotech!!!!


Anonymous (Camden Kid), Saturday 10/05/13 21:43:53

Please keep posting and sending contact information, hopefully if people see it enough they will decide to come forward and report illegal/unethical activities. Your information is powerful stuff!!!


Nicaea , Saturday 10/05/13 21:28:48

@CamdenKid - thanks for posting - I’ve been following your work trying to inform people about perils of for-profit school business - please keep it up, you are awesome


Anonymous , Saturday 10/05/13 19:50:23

they have been doing that model for over 20 yrs….the CCI way. Placement rate 16% 2012


Anonymous , Saturday 10/05/13 19:48:21

Of course wyocrap is that way…. You pay 30 grand to start out 8.50 to 12.00 an hour. Your rate is between 9.5% to 15% on that 30 grand because they target sub prime kids to go to school. Real nice!!!!!


Anonymous , Saturday 10/05/13 18:43:59

You will live, breath and drink “the Heald” for the next two weeks working 168 hours a week leaving no stone unturned in finding more suckers, warm bodies, cold bodies, etc. (aka students) to fill up the seats for the upcoming October quarter.


Anonymous , Saturday 10/05/13 16:01:08

I have been on this site for two years now when I quit- like someone said I like reading to re-confirm what I have been thinking and feeling all along. Seems to be those that are still actively on the inside on the craziest stupidest people just by what they write and “sound” like- and those who quit or got laid off seem to be far better intellectually and level-headed. Again reconfirms I’M SO GLAD I’M OUT OF THERE..!!!!!

Anonymous , Saturday 10/05/13 06:44:22

Whatever! don’t have an attitude with me because your paranoid and probably been scandalous on the job before as well smart-ass like I said earlier!!


Anonymous , Friday 10/04/13 19:12:07

You got sucked in- like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many others, these loans will follow you a lifetime, while Everest continues to do business. It’s crazy, why someone doesn’t just take short-term courses online, or mini programs at colleges if they don’t think they can handle traditional schooling. However with Work Force One and other government run agencies promoting spending government money to filter your education in for profit schools, people automatically think these schools are legit and upper up because these agencies promote them too. I just had a friend at work tell me that Work Force One was pitching Everest to them…… C R A Z Y. There are so many other things to promote that can improve someone’s life. Government agencies should not even have their names associated with these schools.


Anonymous , Friday 10/04/13 16:42:33

Everest University…this is one wretched place to get an education. They will not release my financial aid when the corporate office receives even if you are facing eviction notices. Education should never ever be a business. It is suppose to be a sacred institution for higher learning. Hah!


Anonymous , Friday 10/04/13 15:45:00

Here at wyotech we have instructors that can’t even teach every class. It sucks especially when the qualified instructors like me can’t take vacation or a sick day because of it. If I had a auto or diesel shop I wouldn’t hire these students because there not ready! We have high grad rates because we’re not to fluke anyone…. You have to be a complete shit ball to fail out.


Anonymous , Friday 10/04/13 15:18:23

We got our own stories in TAMPA!!!! Wow, the heat is definitely on while the education is turned off.


Anonymous , Friday 10/04/13 15:16:49

We had a dean who was caught screwing around in the bathroom with a teacher (she finally got booted out but not immediately), then we had a filthy Director who was making passes at everything that moved, I could swear I saw his hand under the desk with another sleezy female Director sitting next to him, then someone reported to President he was caught following another co-worker in the bathroom, CRAZY stuff, none of which seems to be isolated - according to someone’s post many of the fearless leaders are messing around. This all while the company is tanking and people are being laid off continuously.


Anonymous , Friday 10/04/13 14:51:52

I totally agree with you- where I work all they do is sleep around and are not at all focused on the wellbeing of a student. If I didn’t need my job I will tell them to stick it…


Anonymous , Friday 10/04/13 14:46:04

Not being a smart ass- was making a comment, as we are entitled, based on my OWN EXPERIENCES plus those countless I have read. Had nothing to do with you- smarter ass. You shouldn’t be so paranoid.


Anonymous , Friday 10/04/13 14:30:53

Excuse you too the comment posted below- no one said anything about convincing anyone, I said they have been Instructed big difference okay,meaning they have bosses who tell them what their job description is not the other way around where you just show up to work and do whatever the hell you want!! I hope this clarification is to your liking smart ass!!


Anonymous , Friday 10/04/13 14:09:49

So many people in one company focusing on everything BUT education. If I were a shareholder I would be disgusted, its like being associated with a poorly operated porn company with the slimmest people pretending to be sincere professionals acting out their fantasies in a school setting that has no rating, no boundaries, no accountability, no ethics. I’m so glad I left this place, I love reading these to validate just how bad it really was and that it was not my imagination.



Anonymous , Friday 10/04/13 12:52:06

See here at the wyotech blairsville campus it’s not who you know but who your currently bl%+^ng……. And theres plenty of saliva in the air to choke a horse! And you all know who yinz are…drink up. 40% in the classroom and still passes is a true statement!!!! It happens more then anyone would think.


Anonymous , Friday 10/04/13 12:30:23

No one can convince someone else to lie, cheat, be dishonest, its the individual who is responsible for his/her actions. No one decent conforms to other people’s bad behavior- including a company. If they don’t like it, then you need to leave. In this economy it is easier said then done, but don’t conform! Be your own person because in the end it really matters what you think about yourself.


Anonymous , Friday 10/04/13 07:06:15

Contact the department of justice. Simply fill out a form and don’t have to complete your info! They will never stop unless we help.


Anonymous , Friday 10/04/13 06:22:15

I finally figured out why none of the current employees at CCI and their various campuses and colleges won’t become whistle-blowers. Because they have been instructed to continue lying, cheating, and enrolling as many students as possible if they want to continue getting paid, until the Government cuts their funding what else could it be..


Anonymous , Thursday 10/03/13 20:48:46

At Wyotech Blairsville a student could have a 40% test grade and pass if they did some lab work. We change students lives—I mean diapers



Anonymous , Wednesday 10/02/13 3:24 PM

The Blairsville WyoTech campus president is so proud of this; “According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, WyoTech Blairsville has a higher graduation rate than any other two-year school in the country, for-profit or traditional.” All they are is a diploma factory. The programs are set up so it is nearly impossible to fail, students leave with little to no ability to perform the tasks they are trained in. Less than 10% are prepared for the real world workforce, the other 90% will be defaulted student loans.


Anonymous , Monday 9/30/13 6:55 AM

It’s different this time because former suckers (oops students) are knocking on the doors of DOE and Congress.


Anonymous , Monday 9/30/13 6:33 AM

Listen to yourselves. The DOE knows! The DOJ knows! Everybody knows! You are all listing abuses, misconduct, cheating, CRIMES. So tell me is the government incompetent, corrupt or what? You tell us what gives. It has all been going on for years and nothings changed. Imagine you uncovered all these crimes that the government has been unable to find and prosecute.


Anonymous (THAT IS THE CCI WAY), Monday 9/30/13 3:44 AM

That is nothing new- they have been recruiting this way at many campuses all over the country. This is their market, and since there are so many poor and mentally disabled they have plenty to chose from. And how bout those in the late late 60s/70s taking massage therapy, etc. Get real folks- think these loans will be paid, think they will get jobs. GREED, they have no heart in who they suck in.


Anonymous , Sunday 9/29/13 9:32 PM

The US Government is looking at Heald REAL CLOSELY. The DOE knows that Heald is recruiting out of homeless shelters, the county jail, people wandering on the streets. DOE is also looking at the graduation rates. WASC is starting to make noises about poor student learning outcomes. (e.g. The graduates can’t find jobs along with employers discontinuing their employment relationships).


Anonymous , Saturday 9/28/13 1:44 AM

If you expect to save your sales job by working 168 hours a week for the next 3 weeks trying to find the suckers (oops students) to fill up the chairs then you are wasting your time. Heald is going to lay off in admissions on the first day of class in October. Heald Faculty are mandated to pass everybody preferably giving everybody an A.


Anonymous , Friday 9/27/13 4:55 PM

They ALL deserve to close down, and the Directors of Admissions and their fast talkin reps (especially in Florida) should have their own kids get lied to about their education and be left to fend for themselves. What goes around….Please people let’s EDUCATE all those we know in avoiding these kinds of greedy businesses. They are NOT SCHOOLS, they are IN BUSINESS TO MAKE MONEY. Period.


Anonymous , Friday 9/27/13 11:43 AM

Hell you can take one 6 week elective class at wyotech and have an associates degree. And they tell the students it will transfer to an college or university so they can continue on for their BS. Well the wyotech staff, all professionals, mean the BS is bullshit.


Anonymous , Friday 9/27/13 8:06 AM

Heald College admission people are now working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week to fill up the chairs for the October quarter. The results don’t look good. Even the faculty are being asked to help in sales. No one believes the management is telling the truth about anything and if you ask the question: Is Heald up for sale ? then you get a blank stare.



Anonymous , Monday 9/23/13 1:38 PM

There is nothing good about wyocrap. Art Herman has no clue what he is doing or how to lead. Employers call almost on a daily basis saying our. “Graduated” students do not know even the basics to be productive. The work atomosphere here has been terrible ever since Art Herman and Mark Reynolds have been in charge and apparently the employee surveys mean nothing. There is so much bad energy among people that work here you can see it and smell it walking in every morning. You have to watch your and cover your ass on a daily basis because of all the “back stabbing” that goes on. If your a prospective student stay away. If your a potential future employee stay away for your own well being. Many of us have all ready been looking for new jobs else where. This is and has been a sinking ship!!!



Anonymous , Monday 9/23/13 1:14 PM

I’m shocked placement is even 16%, out of those however many got jobs that were NOT directly course study related. I have a friend who went there and is doing front desk at a medical clinic. Common complaint.



Anonymous (WE MUST ALL), Saturday 9/21/13 5:54 PM

Be pro-active in educating people to AVOID these types of schools! Word of mouth is the best form of advertising- thru fb/twitter/gmail, etc.- INFORM, ADVISE, WARN…..its the only way to override this shameful scam of a business.


Anonymous , Saturday 9/21/13 5:49 PM

I totally agree with the last posted comment, Jack and his Corporate Leaders aka: flunkies should be ashamed of themselves, I too have gotten many deferments, & forbearance because the degrees are not worth the paper they are printed on thus leaving me and countless other students scrambling to find employment so that we can pay the government back instead of defaulting on our loans and ruining our credit


Anonymous , Saturday 9/21/13 2:41 PM

Ukk these countless remarks of such bad behavior and misconduct gets me absolutely sick- at the cost of $6,0000-50,0000 to the students. Crazy. I have consolidated soooo many loans that weren’t worth the paper they are written on. What a waste of money- the government really has to promote more community based programs and colleges, more on trade. I’d be very embarrassed if I were Jack and the many other leaders of what they represent. It’s really sickening



“Anonymous , Wednesday 6/12/13 2:44 PM

Genesis loans- what are they 14%? How do they expect active unemployed students to make mandatory payments WHILE in school. It’s horrible our campus reps chase down the students in class, hallways, in person by phone and use extremely hard core tactics to collect. Our campus in Broward County FL is extremely aggressive, every time I see them chasing down a student I say “why”- why give people these loans when even on paper its plain to see that they are unemployed and unable to make current payments of any amount. This definitely should be stopped.”



“Anonymous , Wednesday 6/12/13 2:38 PM

I’m out of that dishonest rat race as an admissions rep, but they should investigate these Genesis loans (anyone could get one, pushing co-signers w/o knowing the whole deal), check to see if these people have ligit mailing addresses (homesless do NOT have addresses or contact phone numbers- how do you expect to collect on loans?), they are constantly using their dipolomas/transcripts as a means for collection (I’m still not certain that this is a legal practice, stronger tactics should be used upfront for these loans and not the other way around). Encouraging those who are not physically, mentally able should not be encouraged to go thru certain programs ie massage therapy, patient care. Sales people paint unrealistic and unfair pictures to those who are vulnerable. Hard to prove these types of things unless they are recorded- including the directors who set the tone. It’s all b.s. and everyone knows it.”





“Anonymous , Thursday 5/23/13 3:29 PM

Well its a shotty product run by shotty characters, that pay high bucks for those who can’t manage honestly and effectively- and continuously mislead students. They can’t even follow their own lead. Our directors here are a bunch of phonies and totally unprofessional but if you are able to speak effectively to a crowd this seems to impress and secure your job. I hope the company gets exactly what they have given out.”


“Anonymous , Thursday 5/23/13 1:48 PM

cci is a company that has way to many illegal practices going on to help anyone. The students, employees, and communities that it operates in all suffer.”


“Anonymous , Wednesday 5/22/13 11:59 PM

thats b.s.- rose colored eyes….keep your mouths shut, remain annonomous because trust me you will be standing alone- just vent when you can while you look for a job. In the real world it does not work that way, for those who are good workers, get revenge by leaving. However if someone sexually harrasses you, does something unethical while you are there by all means don’t put up with it. But all the other complaints can’t and won’t change because it is the company itself who hires these b.s. directors/Presidents. And no matter they have heard and seen most complaints- and nothing changes, its that very mentality that they promote. I can’t tell you how many directors have broken severe rules and have gotten away with it- all for the sake of money. That is a company thing, not a person thing. Just get another job like I did….”


“Anonymous , Tuesday 5/21/13 2:57 PM

Pompano has long since been considered a lucky campus- with high enrollments over years, but we take everyone including those who are homeless, severe mental disabilities, its almost like a mental institution the element that they take advantage of. It should be illegal- you don’t have an address, a frame of clear reference you should not be taking USA’s money for loans. Now I ask you what are the changes they will be able to pay over $25,000 in loans- most drop out if they don’t get a clear pass by instructors. But by that time who cares, the school has some money. I don’t always feel so good about myself being here but I cant be without a job.”