By Obi Egbuna

The entire planet is growing increasingly sick and tired of the Western World’s attempts to forcefully shove its pro-imperialist point of view concerning the recent political developments in Egypt down our throats. Since each and every outlet of the Imperialist media apparatus from C-Span to the Voice Of America,
has the job of deliberately misinterpreting what is at the root of the problem, it is up to Mother Africa’s daughters and sons at home and abroad to expose their lies and deceit.

The first thing is to announce to the world that African people are issuing a stern warning,to our former colonial and slave masters,that continuing to perpetuate the myth Egypt is not a part of Africa will no longer be tolerated. We then will follow this up by making a declaration that we will never again let anyone amongst our ranks,teach about Africa in its antiquity in isolation from the needs and challenges all African nations face presently.This sends the statement we feel that the scholarship of distinguished historians like Yosef Ben- Jochannon,George G.M. James,,Ivan Van Sertima, and Asa Hilliard, are best complemented by a thorough analysis of Africa’s current political and economic situation,because anything less than our maximum effort for the cradle of civilization is totally unacceptable.

In order to successfully complete this mission, starting with Egypt makes all the sense in the world-especially from the perspective of Mother Africa’s scattered children because President Mubarak is considered a modern day Pharaoh because of the access he has to the blood money of US Imperialism. Since our appetite for truth and justice grows by the second,we don’t hesitate to call the Zionist state of Israel, the true Nation’s capital of the United States.If this point of view is embraced full circle,we remain baffled from here to eternity that besides their beloved Israel,Egypt,under Mubarak, received more financial support from the US than any country on the planet.This is why it humorous to hear the war criminal Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,state the obvious when telling the world the Zionists are watching Egypt rather carefully. He forgot to mention that Zionist Israel is instructing the Obama administration on how to address the situation.The African community inside US borders has several interesting points of reference to Egypt
and we benefit from increasing our understanding of each and every one of them.

This becomes necessary if the posturing of the Democrats and Republicans, concerning Egypt’s future, continues.

We remember that Malcolm X was poisoned by the CIA in Egypt in 1964,and this made him realize that while tensions between him and the Nation of Islam certainly existed,they were being instigated by the FBI-CIA who, in conjunction with the NYPD(New York City Police Department), are solely responsible for his death. It was also during this period in Egypt that brother Malcolm wrote the article entitled Zionist Logic which as published in the Egyptian Gazette( the country’s national newspaper at the time). The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee had its budget frozen by the US Government,for openly and defiantly supporting Egypt during the six day war with Israel in 1967,while Dr. King and SCLC were manipulated into supporting the Israelis because of their Judaeo-Christian orientation.

Before the popular uprising in Egypt began,the Obama administration had already began retracing their steps,while in the process of determining how Homeland Security could politically contain the growing Islamic Community in the US.The Muslim Link newspaper based in the Washington DC metropolitan area,contained a story on December 20th 2008 that revealed the FBI sponsored a dinner at the Dal Al Noor Masjid. The President of Dar Al Noor Mohammed Mehboob was quoted as saying, “The FBI are anxious to come and develop a better relationship with the Muslim community they will also be here to recruit”.The guest of honor was a 20 year veteran of the FBI Gamel Abdel-Hafiz,who is not only the first Muslim to join the FBI,but an Egyptian native and graduate of Al-Azhar University.In his remarks, Abdel-Hafiz talked about his credentials as a language expert,and also how the FBI had investigated 150 cases of discrimination against Muslims.This not only exposes the Obama administration which sought to bait Muslims into accepting an unholy alliance,it is being done through the guise of a false and redirected form of patriotism.This means Egyptian and Arab children born in the US,will grow up seeking to emulate Gamel Abdel-Hafiz,and betray the legacy of Egypt’s former President and national hero Gamal Abdel Nasser.

When we access the manner in which the reactionary forces in Egypt have attempted to make Nasser a distant memory in his country’s history,he might as well have lived in the days of King Tut and Nefretiti.This giant of a man not only was part of the brain trust that formed the original Non Aligned Movement,but also helped create the Palestinian Liberation Organization and nationalized the Suez Canal,which for the British and their allies was the straw that broke the camel’s back.If the demonstrations that overthrew Mubarak are anything like the anti-British demonstrations that occurred in 1935 in which Nasser himself was shot,the world wouldn’t have to second guess the authenticity of the people’s resistance.If the new Egyptian Government aggressively calls for agrarian reform for the indigenous Africans in Nubia,along with reorganization of Political Parties,this will be the ultimate fighting tribute to Nasser who carried the torch of freedom to the end.

Despite the fact that Nasser and Nkrumah made their transition to the ancestors in the 70’s, the obsession the US-EU alliance has with writing both of them out of history of modern Africa appears to be stronger and more deliberate than ever before. The Mubarak regime represents a reversal of forward progress made under Nasser’s leadership, the women and youth picking up where Nasser left off will automatically put US Imperialism and Zionist Israel on notice like never before.The people in the streets of Egypt have gained significant momentum,from the fact that their Tunisian sisters and brothers who themselves have taken to the streets,are courageously standing with them shoulder to shoulder.

The other dynamic in connection to Northern African politics that has sent chills up the spines of US Imperialism is Nasser’s call for the abolition of monarchies which represents a militant declaration for an all out class struggle.This aspect of resistance in North Africa could not only topple the ruling elite throughout the region and the final destination could very well be none other than Saudi Arabia.The only hope Mubarak and US Imperialism have left,is that nationalist and Islamic forces,will allow traditional points of disagreement to keep them divided.If that is all they have to hang their hat on,they obviously refuse to accept that the political tide change in Northern Africa has changed significantly.

The ultimate irony concerning the uprising against the Mubarak regime,is the Washington Post’s Parade magazine last year labeled Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe the world’s worst dictator.While Zimbabwe has successfully maintained an inclusive Government for two years,that comprised of three political parties and two Vice Presidents ( one of them being modern Africas first woman vice- president).

Mubarak only selected a Vice President two weeks prior to him being overthrown. It seems like only yesterday that George W. Bush and his cabinet rejoiced during the high-tech lynching of Saddam Hussein,in the same manner his father celebrated the bombing of Libya 25 years ago. While Sub-Saharan Africa collectively bears witness to the numerous setbacks caused by coups and assassinations, our sisters and brothers from the north vividly recall the overthrows of Ben Bella in Algeria and Mohammed Mossadeq in Iran. This is why popular uprisings in Egypt,Tunisia,and Northern Africa, not only put the US-Israeli alliance on notice,but demonstrate that despite abject poverty and shameless exploitation, oppressed people’s character and resolve is too powerful for the enemies of progress to completely contain.

Obi Egbuna is the US Correspondent To The Herald(Zimbabwe’s National Newspaper)
a member of the Zimbabwe-Cuba Association and can be contacted at obiegbuna15 [at]