California State University is celebrating 50th years of being the nations leading university. The web page asked for comments from people about the next fifty years. Here is my response.

California State University Over the Next Fifty Years (After the Democracy Revolution)

By Peter Phillips

California State University well return to being the people’s university designed to serve a diversity of 1/3 of best qualified high school graduates from working class families throughout the state. Tuition will return to zero as is was intended in the 1950s and trustees will be democratically elected by district elections from the campus service areas. Class size will never be higher than 20 students per section, and professors will will teach and mentor no more than 60 students per semester. Deans will be selected from within the schools by a democratic vote of the faculty and serve terms on not more than four years. Manager–faculty ratios will return to 1950s levels, and management salaries will never exceed the highest paid faculty by more than 25%. Campus buildings will always be named after people or collections of people based on academic merit and/or socio-cultural importance. Buildings and spaces on campus will never be named after donors, corporations, or commercial interests. Building a democratic society of critical thinking people engaged in social betterment of society through academic disciplines will be one of the main goals of the California State University system.

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