Over 3,000 members and guests of the San Francisco Bohemian Club met in the forest at their 2800 acre private redwood grove in Monte Rio California from July 16-August 1, 2010. Each day an off-the-record speech was given by an important socio-political individual. Below are the topics and speakers for Lakeside talks at the Bohemian Grove July 16 to August 1, 2010. (Source: Private handbook: Bohemian Grove Program of Events: Midsummer Encampment 2010, compiled by Mary Moore.

Friday, July 16: WALTER CRONKITE’S AMERICA: Douglas Brinkley, Historian at Rice University

Saturday, July 17: THE SUPREME COURT IN THE AGE OF OBAMA: Jeffrey Toobin, Legal Analyst and Author, CNN & The New Yorker

Sunday, July 18: THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AT WAR: David Martin, National Security Correspondent for CBS News

Wednesday, July 21: HOW SHOULD WE THINK ABOUT CHINA: PARTNER, COMPETITOR, THREAT? Michail Armacost, Former President of Brookings Institute and US Ambassador to the Philippines

Friday, July 23: K—12: EDUCATION IN AMERICA: Joel Klein, Chancellor, N.Y. City Dept. of Education

Saturday, July 24: THE FUTURE OF NEWS: Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corporation

Sunday, July 25: THE REVENGE OF GOD: RELIGION & VIOLENCE IN THE MODERN WORLD: Reza Aslan, Professor/Author, University of California at Riverside

Monday, July 26: VENTURE PHILANTHROPY – ANDREW CARNEGIE 2.0: John Wood, Founder: Room to Read

Tuesday, July 27: CULTURAL DIPLOMACY: Dr. Gary Smith, Executive Director of American Academy in Berlin

Wednesday, July 28: DEFEATING IEDs AS A WEAPON OF STRATEGIC INFLUENCE: Thomas Metz, Lt. General, U.S. Army (retired)

Thursday, July 29: THE FOUR MOST IMPORTANT WORDS IN ECONOMICS: PEOPLE RESPOND TO INCENTIVES: Arthur Laffer, Supply side Economist, former member of Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board

Friday, July 30: Topic undisclosed: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Saturday, July 31: WHY IS MARS SO IMPORTANT? Michael Malin, Planetary Geologist, CEO of Malin Space Science Systems,

Sunday August 1, COUNTDOWN FOR AMERICA: David Gergen, Senior Political analyst for CNN