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The Committee on Teacher Credentials which disciplines school staff for committing violations of the California Education Code was challenged on January 24, 2014 by education workers and public school advocates. Complaints had been made about the physical abuse of a student at the Martin Luther King  Middle School in San Francisco by principal Natalie Eberhard, a cover-up by assistant principal Anthony Braxton and Associate Superintendent Jeanie Pon. The Commission’s lawyer Michael Barth told the material witnesses that they could not testify in the closed hearing despite the law that allows this. This is a clear and flagrant  violation of  the rights of teachers and education staff while giving unfair treatment to principals and superintendents.

In Eberhard’s case she and her lawyer were able to address in CTC credentials committee in closed session while those who made the complaints were denied the same rights despite the law and education code. Governor Brown is directly responsible for this commission and is aware of the violations of the law and education code and California Attorney General Kamal Harris is also aware of systemic violations of the law and education code by the staff and lawyers but has refused to enforce the law at the agency. The was also a statewide audit and joint legislative hearing and the California Senator Darrell Steinberg is aware of the continuing illegal activity by this agency.

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