Sheila Parks, Ed.D.

A month or so ago there was a serious attack against homeopathy going on.  I do not think it is a coincidence that this attack on homeopathy came around the swine flu vaccination time and controversy

It is known that many of us will not take the swine flu shot and some of us will take homeopathy instead, for healing and some will take it for prevention.

Here are some successes with homeopathy in Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 and some information as to  what one can do now in 2009 and onward for the swine flu.

1.) I spoke with Dr. Jacob Mirman, from the site Mirman is an MD and homeopath in MN.

It is an excellent site and lists some good articles, especially this one,from 1921.

He told me that there are no global figures of success from 1918 with homeopathy, but doctors who listed their own and the experiences of other doctors.

Here is that article link:

And the comment that goes with it:

Homeopathy in Influenza - a Chorus of Fifty in Harmony.
by W.A. Dewey, MD., University of Michigan.
The Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy, May 1921.  This is a PDF file of the 84 year old article, illustrating the tremendous success homeopathic doctors enjoyed in the 1918 flu pandemic.  While they lost only 1% of their cases, their allopathic colleagues’ mortality rate exceeded 30%

2) Here is another very excellent article, this one by Dr. Neustadter.  He is a pediatrician and an expert on vaccines. It is about homeopathy and the flu & homeopathy and the 1918 flu pandemic, including these figures:”….The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was a plague that exceeded the ravages of the Bubonic Plague of 1347,which killed a third of the European population. Worldwide,the Spanish flu killed an estimated 40 million people. In some primitive cultures the death rate was 100 percent. Fortunately, many patients in the United States had access to homeopathic medical care. A report to the American Institute of Homeopathy in 1921 documented the dramatic success of homeopathy in the worst flu pandemic in history. Of 24,000 flu cases treated with conventional medical care, the death rate was 28.2 percent; of 26,000 cases treated with homeopathy, the death rate was a nearly miraculous 1.05 percent. Similarly, many individual homeopathic physicians reported that they had treated thousands of patients with very few deaths….”

This is a link to Neustaedter’s excellent web site:

3) Here is an excerpt from The New England Journal of Homeopathy.  It is an extract from the article above cited by Mirman. A web site by people I know and trust has lots of information about swine flu and vaccinations in general: If you google, make sure pandemic flu words are in that order.

5.) Swine Flu Advisory by Dr, Richard Moskowitz, MD.  He has given me permission to send this far and wide, and you have that permission too.  Moskowitz is both an MD and a homeopath, who I know and trust. He names some remedies to take.  Other homeopaths have named other remedies.  This is his website

This link will get you to his Advisory on swine flu: 11/13/2009, he wrote me this Addendum to the article above that is on his web site:

“I wrote the Advisory last spring, and is now somewhat less useful, since the disease is now all around, and the genus epidemicus will outperform Oscillococcinum and Influenzinum. So far, based on my cases last spring, I’ve been using Gelsemium as my main Rx, and it’s worked well; but now I’m starting to see more severe cases needing other Rx’s, and I’m no longer sure that Gelsemium is still the main Rx (and therefore the best one to give out for prophylaxis).  The next few weeks will tell the tale.  But meanwhile, I’m still using it:

For prevention (once the disease is in the immediate vicinity, i.e., neighborhood, mosque, church, synagogue, school, etc.), Gelsemium 30C, 3 doses in one 24-hour period, to be repeated on the same day each week, until the outbreak fades.

For treatment (of early or incipient cases), Gelsemium 12C or 30X, up to 4 times daily, until significantly better, then occasionally as needed. About 25% of the patients will need other Rx’s, and should see a professional.”

6) Dr. Luc De Schepper wrote me this in response to my inquiry to him. Dr. Luc is an MD, a homeopath,  a Ph.D. and a licensed  acupuncturist - who I know and trust.  His web site is

“The flu remedy for this winter is Arsenicum in beginning stage and Bryonia once cough and fever starts….”