The saturated fat scam: What’s the real story?

The “Coca Cola conspiracy” and the obesity epidemic Aletho News | February 7, 2010 In the late 1960’s the US, through conventional hybridization techniques, succeeded in creating new types of corn dramatically increasing yield per acre by reducing the space required per plant as well as increasing the number of ears per stalk. This development […]

Naked Pumpkins, Sex Offenders and Terrorists

by Michael I. Niman, ArtVoice (etc.) 11/4/09 Most cities have some signature annual event, celebrating a unique aspect of their local culture. While New Orleans’s Mardi Gras is a massive, multi-day festivals, most are more on the scale of Binghamton, New York’s Spiedie Fest, which celebrates a regional marinated meat. Like Castroville, California’s Artichoke […]

A Mouse is in the Imperial House

Looks like Disney has a new groove in the guise of Shanghai flavored mouse. The going rate for this new look is a measly $3.5 billion. Add 1.3 billion people living in China who are clamoring for mouse droppings – I mean Disney products – and you have the formula for continued financial success for […]