Swedish bus driver forced black people to travel on separate coach in apartheid-style incidents

Sweden, once known for its social democratic policies is now emerging as the new South Africa under apartheid.  The long hatred of anyone not white, which includes of course immigrants, has left the country with racial hatred, eurocentric policies and xenophobia. This is not really new.  Sweden was the site of Nazi rule for a […]

South Africa is an 'angry nation' on the brink of 'something very dangerous', warns Nelson Mandela's wife

  According to reporter Sara Malm, a reporter for Mail Online, a newspaper out of England (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2290213/South-Africa-angry-nation-brink-dangerous-warns-Nelson-Mandelas-wife.html), the wife of former president Nelson Mandela has warned that South Africa has become an ‘angry nation’ as a result of its refusal to deal with its sordid apartheid past. Human rights activist Graca Machel, 67, said the […]

Libyan Blood Oil:An Illegal War of Hypocrisy and Self Interest

Libyan Blood Oil:An Illegal War of Hypocrisy and Self Interest By: Solomon Comissiong On March 20th 2011 the US and NATO forces began an aggressive aerial assault on the North African nation of Libya under the disingenuous pretext that it was a humanitarian mission to save civilians from being killed by pro Gaddafi “rebel” forces. […]

If Iran had attacked the Gaza aid ships instead of Israel, can you imagine the vicious US corporate media spin?

source, with video. In violation of international law, Israel boarded and fired upon civilians in international waters attempting to deliver medical supplies and life-necessary materials to Gaza. Ironically, Gaza is the world’s largest concentration camp; collectively, unlawfully, and lethally punished by Israel. Kourosh Ziabari wrote a brilliant factual article and analysis asking this question: What if […]