Rafael Correa is not considering Snowden asylum: says Consul granting a temporary travel card was a mistake

In an effort to backpedal from what could have been disastrous for Ecuador and the Correa government, Ecuador’s president revealed July 1, 2013 that the whistleblower, Edward Snowden was granted a temporary travel card at 4am ‘without authorization or validity’. Correa said that Ecuador is not Considering Edward Snowden’s asylum request and never intended to […]

Ecuadorian Chancellor says Ecuador did not grant a refugee card to Edward Snowden

From: El Telegrafo, Ecuador http://www.telegrafo.com.ec/actualidad/item/canciller-encargado-dice-que-ecuador-no-otorgo-a-snowden-carne-de-refugiado.html Galo Galarza, the chancellor in charge of Ecuador, said today that the government of Ecuador has not given any documents to the ex-CIA technician Edward Snowden, who has been in Moscow since last Sunday when it emerged that he sought asylum in Quito, Ecuador after revealing secret wire tapping programs and internet spying. […]

Assange: Snowden received a refugee document from Ecuador

Latest news on Edward Snowden from El Telegrafo, an official Ecuadorian newspaper, June 24th, 2013: http://www.telegrafo.com.ec/actualidad/item/assange-dice-que-snowden-esta-sano-y-salvo-y-su-destino-es-ecuador.html Julian Assange did not reveal the whereabouts of the former employee of the CIA, but said he is “in a safe place.” Agencies The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, said today that the ex-technical employee of the CIA, Edward […]

Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño confirms receipt for asylum of Edward Snowden

Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino, said Sunday that Edward Snowden, former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, accused of spying for Washington, has sought his country’s asylum. “The government of Ecuador has received asylum from Edward Snowden”, said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador through his Twitter account. Patiño is currently […]

Refugees in U.S. Prisons

The Department of Homeland Security detains asylum seekers while their claims go through the adjudication system. These asylum seekers are often detained for many months (sometimes over a year) in prison or prison-like conditions without legal charges.