The racism ,class warfare & theft of wealth behind austerity

    Republicans have been using propaganda  to promote a racist agenda. A phony concern about voter fraud has been used to promote voter ID laws and voter role purges to disenfranchise African American voters. Similarly, a phony concern about budget deficits is being used to sabotage the economy  to damage President Obama’s legacy and […]

Greek teachers defy military mobilization : We will strike anyway!

( By Christoph Dreier 16 May 2013 Greek teachers have voted to oppose the mobilisation order of the government and commence a strike on Friday to coincide with the start of the annual exam period. At the same time, the OLME teachers’ union is doing all it can to prevent the strike from taking place. […]

Stockton and the Politics of Austerity

Stockton and the Politics of Austerity We are marking the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. This is equally the anniversary of the media treachery that justified this crime against humanity. In this light, the votes are in for the Donald Rumsfeld Award for Deception in Media for the first week of April. The […]

Pension theft: Marie Benedetto, a retired San Francisco math teacher, says CalPERS is increasing teachers' insurance premium for long-term health care a whopping 85 percent

Long-term care rate hike stuns CALPERS teacher and public worker retirees and they should be stunned.  For the forces of reaction are not just cannibalizing our kids, but they are helping themselves to a hefty plate of senior pensions in their Donner Party dinner that includes all public pensions.  All over the nation, since 2010, as I […]

Extreme Capitalism - Corporations Merging with the State

Extreme Capitalism – Corporations Merging with the State   Neo-Liberalism, as a capitalist strategy, died in 2008, a victim of the financial Meltdown. This approach to international finance was based in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The essence of neo-liberalism was for governments to stay out of the way and let market […]

Financial Capitalism and the US teachers’ pension fund fraud

An “internal study” of the California Teachers’ Retirement System (Cal STRS) indicates that the public school pension fund faces a $64 billion deficit, according to the Sacramento Bee, dated  February 4, 2013 ( The California State Teachers Retirement System produced the report in response to a legislative resolution.  The release of the “internal study” followed […]

Teachers' Strikes and the Fight Against Austerity in Ontario: All over the globe financialization is occuring under the rubric of austerity

The   B u l l e t Socialist Project • E-Bulletin No. 758 January 15, 2013 Murray Cooke On January 3, Ontario Education Minister Laurel Broten announced that she will be imposing concessionary contracts on the province’s teachers. This is a drastic attack on collective bargaining rights that the teachers have said they will […]

Enough is enough! What Can Education Workers, Students & Parents Do To Defend Public Education?Public Education, Privatization and strenghten the role of the NEA/CTA and AFT/CFT

Please tell all those you know in the Bay Area of California and beyond about the meeting that we must have on privatization, financialization, and corporatization of education. We need to build statewide and nationwide movements to confront these well-heeled reactionaries that seek not to reform education, they seek to turn it over to privatizers […]

“Making History: The People Fight Back to Save San Francisco City College”

NEWS MEDIA ADVISORY: Friday, January 11, 2013 Contact: Rodger Scott Wendy Kaufmyn (510) 714-8687 “Making History: The People Fight Back to Save City College” San Francisco, CA – City College of San Francisco students, staff, teachers and department chairs will picket and boycott their interim chancellor’s welcome address which traditionally kicks off the […]