Sex offenders in New York banned from online gaming

Sex offenders in the United States are slowly losing their rights. First, they were banned from Facebook, now, in New York State, they’ve been banned from online gaming because there might be children playing those same games. Many games contain an audio or text component that allows players to communicate with one another. Mr. Schneiderman […]

Who Is Drawing The Dirty Pictures?

Does anyone remember the old story about the psychiatrist who showed his patient a drawing of a square and asked his patient what it reminded him of? The patient replied, “Sex. The doctor than showed him a picture of a circle, with the same question. Again, the patient replied, “Sex.” Finally the doctor produced a […]

A New Low For California, Dehumanization of Prisoners

A New Low For California, Dehumanization of Prisoners-Forced to Wear Diapers and Not Letting Inmates Change for Extended Periods of Time The author of  “Buried Alive: Long Term Isolation in California’s Youth and Adult Prisons” Laura Magnani reports “a new low in dehumanization” in which prison authorities have cut off the water in some prisoner’s toilets […]

Kitty Poop

The fight is incredible and it is over plastic bags in the stores- namely grocery stores.  I do not mind bringing reusable bags to the grocery store.  Even though  plastic bags are recyclable, a huge number of them end up in our oceans and the results are not nice.  If you are really interested, there […]

Pelican Bay Prison and Revolution Newspaper

Pelican Bay State Prison Feels the Heat Prison Officials Attempt a Cover-up of the Ban on Revolution Newspaper Mobilize to Say: NO WAY! by Leslie Rose “This letter is to advise you that your weekly periodical ‘Revolution’, will not be delivered to inmates housed at Pelican Bay State Prison. Your periodical newspaper has been determined […]

Obama's Clover Over Dover

It’s been eighteen years since the media was accustomed to exhibiting the rituality and solemnity that surrounds the act of transporting fallen soldiers to their final resting place. In the desolate hours of the morning on October 28th, President Obama made an unannounced and unexpected trip to Dover, Delaware, the landing site of all war-fallen […]


The UN General Assembly voted  overwhelmingly to end the US Economic, Financial and Commercial Embargo of Cuba. The Cubans claim the embargo cost them over $242 million in 2008 alone. The embargo, Cuba claims, makes foreign capital unavailable because investors face possible sanctions for doing business with Cuba. Public opinion polls – elite business opinion agrees – […]

US-CUBA: Obama Urged to Take Bold Steps Toward Normalisation

Wow, you mean we might actually talk to other leaders instead of ignoring them.  We shall see if the Obama Administration can actually get this in the works.  The original story can be found at IPS By Jim Lobe WASHINGTON, Jan 14 (IPS) - A broad spectrum of groups and individuals is urging President-elect Barack […]