Who Are The Occupiers?

Portland, Oregon, is occupied. In the blink of an eye, Portland became a police state. Good cop became bad cop in the space of a day — specifically Nov. 13, when Portland’s formal downtown Occupation was rousted and the parks were fenced off. Since then they have been guarded 24/7 by gruff police in riot […]

The Global Occupy Movement Challenges the Transnational Corporate Class Propaganda Machine

By Peter Phillips The international concentration of wealth and military power is endangering not only the personal freedoms and life chances of billions of people, but the potentiality for life on earth to simply exist. The US-NATO military-industrial-media empire operates in support of transnational corporations and the central banks primarily as the enforcer of International […]

Why the Occpy Movement is Winning!

  Listen to Fox News and the screaming right-wing, and you might think the screaming left-wing were a bunch of lazy, unemployed drumbeating freeloaders that are pitching tents in public spaces and defecating on the streets. However, you don’t need to go to Fox News for such ridiculous notions. After the Huffington Post headlined video […]

Bank of America, Too Bad To Succeed

Years ago I suggested that ALL foreclosures be stopped.  All properties should have been revalued at pre-bubble level, and then all loans renegotiated to keep people IN their homes.  The banks can only get out of the properties what they can get.  That is not much in a declining economy with unstable housing prices. Well, […]

Where's That Guy When We Really Need Him?

In addition to the fees they charge for loans, fees (often 20+%) they charge on credit cards, fees they charge for checking accounts, Bank of America, J P Morgan Chase, U S Bancorp, Citigroup make $20.5 billion off of the use of debit cards.  This $20.5 billion is “free money.” The debit cards automatically transfer […]

How Many Straws Before The Last One?

We are in dire economic straits in many states, counties, cities in this country of ours.  We are closing schools, laying off police and fire fighters.  Our streets are eroding.  The GOP is waging war on the middle and lower classes and we have a president who has an egg noodle for a backbone.  I […]

"I paid my taxes. Why doesn't Bank of America?" ask citizens as they plan actions at 50 branches across the country

“I paid my taxes. Why doesn’t Bank of America?” ask citizens as they plan actions at 50 branches across the country New Nationwide Effort to Make Corporate Tax Dodgers Pay Up Protests in more than 50 cities, including Washington, D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago Groups of citizens in more than 50 cities […]

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission releases report but never identifies the 'mystery investor who shorted the market by $20 billion

To get to the heart of what went wrong with the report released  on January 27th, 2011 the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission released its report on the Wall Street debacle and the pirated loot.  On page 254 of the report, it is reported that the largest investor in a cash fund managed by Bank of […]

How much more are you going to take…

Spending cuts, jobs, taxes, health care, education, infrastructure, banking, housing, energy, defense, and climate are all very important right now and all inter-related.  But they are just noise.  They are a giant smokescreen to hide the GRAND THEFT that has been and is going on right now. Illegal foreclosures.  Bank of America got caught in […]