California Deputies Seize Phones from Witnesses After Beating Man to Death

By Carlos Miller May 10, 2013 From: Photograhpy is not a Crime (PINAC) Law enforcement authorities in California beat a man to death with their batons before seizing at least two cell phones from witnesses who captured the incident on video. One of the phones was seized without a warrant. The second phone was […]

Why Does the Government Ignore Our Wishes?

To understand the answer, you must first understand that there is no difference between the labels placed on the form of government and that the real issue is how can government agents be controlled to prevent their abuse of power.   All forms of government, no matter what you call them, result in rule by an […]

Bush Shoe Thrower Beaten by Security

Muntazer al-Zaidi, the now notorious reporter who threw his shoes at Bush during a news conference has not only found fame in among many Arabs, but has also found a beat down.  Who knows what type of “American” dictated laws were broken, but one thing is for sure, Al-Zaidi’s face was almost broken.  Sources say […]