The Corrosive Power of Stereotypes in Politics and Education

In the early years of my life as a high school English teacher—during the Reagan years—I began my journey to being a critical educator as naive but sincere. One of the first steps into creating a critical classroom included my confronting students about race and class. When I asked students (in a school sitting in […]

VOTE 'None of the Above' in 2012

written by kabuki7″       While the liberal and conservative constituencies in our country have legitimate differences in how the country should be governed, one thing all Americans can agree on is our current political system is broken, corrupted by money, and that it no longer serves the interests of citizens.     Our […]

Psychopaths: perfect academic word for US political, economic “leadership”

source: Carl Herman Psychopaths are viciously destructive in action. They obfuscate with lies and charm. They persist only when their actions are unrecognized; 95% of the population reject such criminal destruction (here and here). US political and economic “leadership” are psychopaths because their central policies are viciously destructive, as the following links explain, document, and prove. […]

Snitch apps for your cell phone

There are now two ways for Americans to get involved in the war on terror and feel good about reporting their fellow Americans. DriveMeCrazy, developed by Shazam co-founder Philip Inghelbrecht, allows users to report drivers for numerous, minor infractions. The new Patriot App for the iPhone allows users to report anything they find suspicious. Charles […]

Put The Fraqing Outrage Where It Belongs

If we are to assume that what we hear on the news is what is going on in the country, there is something missing.  I am hearing a lot about how the responsible Democrats, in Congress, are upset at the package the President was able to negotiate with the Republicans.  If one attempts to “read” […]

Do we want the next generation to grow up comfortable with being tracked?

In the past year, there has been an expedited push to force many people to accept biometrics as normal tracking tools for everyday life. Online, we often read of new tools capable of tracking our every move so that our behavior can be tracked, targeted, and sold to advertisers. Several groups and individuals, however, have […]

Confessions of Roger Noriega: Muscular diplomacy or law breaking?

By Saul Landau and Nelson Valdes In May, Roger Noriega, former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs (2003-2005), acknowledged he conspired with James Cason, chief of the United States Interest Section in Cuba (2002-2005), to violate a declared U.S. government policy of promoting in Cuba “ a peaceful transition to a democratic system […]

We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control

Hands Down: Banishing questioning from schools “All and all you’re just another brick in the Wall” What is deemed a ‘Classroom Experiment’ in England, using methods that were tested on 25 pupils at Hertswood school in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire for one term has come to the lofty conclusion that students achieve better results when they keep […]


CENSORED IN 1976: SUICIDES LEAD VIETNAM VETERAN DEATHS While accurate and current statistics from different sources tend to vary, they do agree on one thing — more than twice as many American Vietnam veterans have died after returning home than were killed in the fourteen years of actual combat. The estimated number of actual combat […]