Plutocracy and the millionaire banker who bought himself a seat in Congress

  In 2012 John Delaney (D) got elected to fill the new Maryland 6th district US Congressional seat which was created as a result of gerrymandering by Democrats in Maryland.  The newly created district was carved out of Congresswoman Donna Edwards’ 4th district seat, a progressive Democrat who did not toe the line set by […]

Decadent billionaire Zombies: They walk amongst us

How much more pain will the working class allow the decadent billionaire zombies to inflict on the working class in America?  The answer is ssimple:  as much as an unorganized working class will allow them.  These disaster capitalist zombies are in the captain’s seat, that is for sure.  What this spells for Amerrica is a […]

Democrats in the Midwest receive over 100K from privatization groups

According to Harriet Rowan of The Center for Media and Democracy’s PR Watch: “The American Federation for Children Action Fund Inc., a pro-school privatization group bankrolled by conservative financiers, has spent more than $113,000 supporting five Milwaukee Democrats running for State Assembly and Senate, who are facing primaries on August 14. The American Federation for […]