KPFA, DEADHEADS, NPR and BLURRY LINES By Mary Moore, Occidental CA This morning, February 20, as Philip Muldari was asking us to pledge to KPFA, he brought up, quite validly, the point that the Pacifica network unlike NPR and other public radio and TV outlets, has no corporate underwriting. While NPR may bring progressive programming […]

Speakers at the 2010 Bohemian Grove Include Rupert Murdoch, David Gergen, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Over 3,000 members and guests of the San Francisco Bohemian Club met in the forest at their 2800 acre private redwood grove in Monte Rio California from July 16-August 1, 2010. Each day an off-the-record speech was given by an important socio-political individual. Below are the topics and speakers for Lakeside talks at the Bohemian […]