Bikeswarm: Modern urban guerilla tactic

I had no idea what the Bikeswarm was until I was suddenly, unexpectedly part of it. After having been rousted from their initial occupation site on Nov. 13, Occupy Portland announced their intention to take over an entirely different park. The location of the planned new encampment was not announced, but people were told to […]

Social Security Broken? Not By A Long Shot

The average monthly Social Security benefit for a retired worker was about $1,177 at the beginning of 2011. The poverty line for a single person, living in the continental U S in 2001 is $10,890 There are three problems with Social Security according to a lot of people.  They take too much out of my check.  […]

Do You Want to Know How Corporatists Control Us?

If so, check out Radioactivity hosted by Rob Lorei on WMNF, one of the longest running non-corporate radio talk shows in a top 20, major U.S. metropolitan market, on Thursday, September 15, 2011 from 10:00 to 11:00 AM Eastern time. Rob’s guests will include Anita Stewart, an activist who serves on a local board overseeing soil […]


CENSORED IN 1994: THERE’S A LOT OF MONEY TO BE MADE IN POVERTY Want to know what is the hottest new profit center for big blue-chip corporations like ITT, General Motors, American Express, and others? The acceptable term is “fringe banking,” the less acceptable, but more accurate, term is “loan sharking.” Fringe banks are pawn […]

Our Next $680 Billion Dollar Bail-Out

AND, they don’t even need it. Yesterday I wrote about how the top 2-5% are stealing your money and your jobs.   Today Paul Krugman discussed the new $680 billion bail out that the Republicans are about to push through again.  If you do not want to write a $3,000,000 check to the 120,000 people in […]

An Israeli “Refusenik” Speaks

Note: Or Ben David is a young Israeli woman who ecently served jail time for refusing to serve in the Israeli army. Recently she visited London, and while there she met with a group of mainly Muslim youth, to talk about her experiences. After the meeting, one young man commented that he had only come […]

The new call for full body scanners

No one really wanted full body scanners. There were numerous talks of invasions of privacy and viable cases of abuse of that privacy. Today, however, the pantsbomber has made that discussion return to the forefront, with many people readily giving up their privacy because they now feel that the government knows what they’re doing. For […]