NYT: Dept. of Defense Less Strict than Dept. of Education

“Military Children Stay One Step Ahead of Public School Students,” according to a recent report in the New York Times, based on a 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress study, which found that students growing up on military bases outperformed their civilian counterparts in fourth through eight grades.  And no, it’s not because children on […]

Where Is Klaatu When We Really Need Him?

The U.N. revised its population growth trends upward today.  We used to think the world would have 9 billion by the year 2100.  Now it is 10.1 billion, but I don’t think so.  True, some of the developed countries like the US, Britain, and Denmark have picked up the pace, but when you are starting […]

Save our Schools schedules rally!

Grassroots “Save Our Schools” March on Washington & National Call to Action on July 28-31 This grassroots movement of teachers, parents, students, community activists, and “everyday working people” has been endorsed by educational voices like Diane Ravitch, Deborah Meier, Alfie Kohn, Joel Spring, Rethinking Schools’ editors, David Berliner, among many others. Diane Ravitch will be […]

We Need An Educational Revolution!

Why do we need an educational revolution in the United States? Many students receive the necessary tools to overcome struggles in public education by the support of parents, teachers and interventions. There are a great number of students who do not receive additional support for whatever reason. This fact needs to change very rapidly. According […]

Public Humiliation of Children as Education Policy

Once again Paul A. Moore says it quite succinctly in what follows in his essay on Florida and the FCAT tests. The new assembly line of despair we now call education in this country is exposed in dynamic terms by Paul for what it is — a nightmarish form of Dickensian public policies that harken […]

Holding the bosses accountable: critical thinking and democracy as Detroit working families confront Robert Bobb

Holding the bosses accountable: What follows below is a question and answer period with Robert Bobb, the Eli Broad graduate who is running or ‘ruining’ Detroit schools. Take a look at what happens when truth speaks to power!

Watch Out for the Falling Coconuts

Good or bad, we have lost Halloween. Yes, we’re still buying candy by the bushels, but from what I hear most people are hoping that few kids will show up at their doors so that they can have the treats to themselves. I used to do the same thing – buy the stuff I liked. […]

Poor Fathers Go Directly to Jail

Judges in Lee County, Florida are throwing poor fathers in jail for failure to pay child support, even ones who are unemployed and suffering from disabilities.