Five-year-olds could face national tests in England under liberal democrats

Race to the Top is not a national problem or a national opportunity.  It is a world plan by developing nations and the plutocrats and functionaries to turn the whole squalid mess that is called ‘schooling under capitalism’ over to testing regimes.   ‘Testing Ministers’ will be next. All of this is clothed as helping ‘disadvantaged […]

Obama's 20/20 plan for higher education: The Lumina Foundation and the new 21st century Social Darwin movement

  In part one and two of the article, “Obama’s 20/20 plan for higher education: chump change you can’t believe in”, I attempted to critically examine both prongs of the corporate instigated plan. (, (    I had hoped that a ‘three part’ series on this horrific plan would be adequate but alas, as most […]

Do children deserve playgrounds? “Maybe,” says Milwaukee’s Common Council

Larry Miller’s Blog: Educate All Students! August 3, 2012   By Barbara Miner Aug. 2, 2012 (Barbara Miner’s blog is part of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Purple Wisconsin project. Miner is an award-winning journalist and photographer.) I thought that asking whether the children of Milwaukee deserve school playgrounds would be a slam-dunk question — sort […]

Schools more and more resemble maximum security prisons: schools without playgrounds, children without recess, and kids without play

  Picture of Thieves in Dante’s Hell   A new report from the American Academyof Pediatrics (AAP) indicates that children in poor urban neighborhoods need more chances for old-fashioned playtime in their daily lives.   A number of experts in the report have raised concerns that in the current climate of treating youth not as if […]

What The Hell Has Happened To Americans?

Homophobes in D.C. are eager to spend $550/hour for an attorney to defend DOMA while 15,000 3- to 4- year olds in Ohio were dropped from Early Childhood Education, as ECE programs across the nation took a big hit.  I was going to cite some examples, but there are just too many big cuts to […]