Pilfering the public commons: on-line 'earning' scheduled for California Community Colleges

As students, faculty and community groups hasten to bow down at the thrown of the ACCJC to assure continuing accreditation, going so far as to appeal to corporate Senator, Nancy Pelosi of all people or, at worst, surly Senator Diane Feinstein whose husband Richard Blum is the knight in shining armor for the corporatization of […]

University of Phoenix to 'Occupy' Santa Monica College

  It was the former Chancellor of the Community College system, Jack Scott, who proposed that to increase access for students to education, the notorious Kaplan University, the criminal enterprise that preys on youth with predatory for-profit drive by schools, partner with community colleges (http://www.dailycensored.com/santa-monica-college-fights-privatization-anti-privatization-conference-held-for-112-community-colleges-serving-260000-students-in-the-state-of-california/). Scott was stopped but now, take a look: the new […]

Alex Abramoff, son of "Casino Jack" Abramoff, to run for Santa Monica College Student Body President

Readers might remember the horrific Jack Abramoff who, with his surly counterparts such as Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist and a host of crooked politicians, milked American Indians out of millions in consultant fees. Abramoff eventually went to prison but exited with a tell-tale book and a radio show. Doing time is nothing for these scoundrels […]