Superman or Kryptonite?—Legend of the Fall, pt. V

The celebrity tour continues, and this time it is Geoffrey Canada on The Colbert Report where celebrity reformer Michelle Rhee revealed her lack of historical perspective and expertise concerning education. Canada made his second appearance with Colbert, but this time he comes in as the face on the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ)—mislabeled as a “miracle” […]

Fire Teachers, Reappoint Rhee!: Legend of the Fall, pt. III

After announcing that U.S. education is a complete failure, unlike the Golden Era of the 1950s, on The Colbert Report , former DC chancellor Michelle Rhee has brought her celebrity crisis tour to CNN where she charged, once again, that public education is a failure based on recent PISA scores, ranked internationally. Since I recently […]

The Education Celebrity Tour: Legend of the Fall, Pt. II

The U.S. is floundering at the bottom of international comparisons of education, and what makes this worse is that in the grand ol’ 1950s, the U.S. was at the top—at least that is one story offered by Michelle Rhee on a recent episode of the Colbert Report. Like the discussion of Waiting for Superman by […]