California labor history from the Goldrush through the occupy movement activists can learn from the hidden history of labor and organizing

When the Occupy movement injected ideas about general strikes and economic inequality into public conversation, these concepts were news for many people.  But in San Francisco in 1934, and in Oakland in 1946, the General Strike wasn’t a concept or a goal:  it happened. In “California Labor History,” a three unit San Francisco City College […]

American Monetary Institute (AMI): History of money, monetary reform, and public action. 6 of 6

The American Monetary Institute is the world’s leading organization for understanding monetary history and how to reform monetary policy. These six articles reprint AMI’s principle information, available at AMI’s website, with their express permission to share widely:  Explaining the need for monetary reform: the heart of our economic crisis Monetary history: synopsis of Stephen Zarlenga’s […]

Things are heating up this week in struggles around public higher education in California.

Below are two events happening Tues., Dec. 15th. While both are in the Bay Area, the notice of the UC action says informational picketing will take place on all UC campuses. And it’s likely that actions may be slated for other community colleges. So if you’re not near the Bay Area, look for what’s up in your area.

The Capitalist Class Starts its (Re)education

The Capitalist Class Starts its (Re)education Representatives of the US capitalist class used to be famous for stomping all over the world, putting their feet up on other’s desks and, cigar in mouth, handing orders down to their counterparts in other countries. At home, they believed that there was no labor problem that could not […]

Climate Talks Fail without proper Leadership

Paging Obama… Hopefully the past 8 years of Bush complacency towards Global Warming will evaporate like an ice berg he helped melt. As the world waits for a clear leader in this cause, President elect-Obama has shown a willingness to take some much needed steps.       Democracy Now The twelve-day international climate conference […]