To get the gold they will have to kill everyone of us! Ecuador gives gold and copper concession to China

As readers might know, President Rafael Correa of Ecuador was once the darling of the environmental movement around the world.   Correa adopted what was said to be a groundbreaking new constitution that recognized “the rights of nature” ( The 2008 constitution even used the words “Pacha Mama” — the indigenous Quechua language’s term for the “Earth […]

No Rest for Allende’s Remains

By Ernesto Carmona One week after judge Mario Carroza accepted the suicide thesis regarding Dr. Salvador Allende and arranged delivery of the body to his family, his remains remain in the Santiago morgue awaiting a new funeral, planned for September 4 by his daughter Isabel, senator for the Socialist party. The most relevant legacy of […]

It's Scary Where The Mind Can Run

Oooops, there is another problem with bank foreclosures.  If the water has not been turned off and vandals have not yet broken into the homes to steal the copper plumbing, the pipes could freeze and break.  Ah, but of course, if the people did not pay their bills the water most certainly would be turned […]