The Unknown Teacher

  (To JS/07/M/378 In place of a marble monument, this data is warehoused at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and at NEA and AFT Headquarters) She was found by the U. S. Department of Education to be One against whom there was no official debit side, And all the reports on her conduct agree […]

The Global Occupy Movement Challenges the Transnational Corporate Class Propaganda Machine

By Peter Phillips The international concentration of wealth and military power is endangering not only the personal freedoms and life chances of billions of people, but the potentiality for life on earth to simply exist. The US-NATO military-industrial-media empire operates in support of transnational corporations and the central banks primarily as the enforcer of International […]

Poverty Not Destiny?: Masking Corporate Agendas

Release a report, make it appear like scholarly research (include footnotes, charts, graphs, and data), and suggest something provocative such as “teachers are overpaid”—the result? The media gives the claim and report a free and frequent ride. Walt Gardner, on his blog, has lamented about this exact phenomenon concerning The Heritage Foundation report, “Assessing the […]

THE POLITICS OF GENOCIDE IN AFRICA: An Exclusive Interview with Keith Harmon Snow, Investigative Journalist

To Watch and Listen to this Important Interview Please Click the Link Below: THE POLITICS OF GENOCIDE:  White Supremacy Ideology, Corporate Control, and the Plunder and Depopulation of Central Africa This week we had the opportunity to interview Investigative Journalist, Keith Harmon Snow, regarding everything from the impact of white supremacy ideology on the […]

The Corporate Education Act Becomes Law: Good bye liberal arts colleges

Is this true?  Or is it simply sardonic realism? Progressive Avenues 415-702-9682    July 27, 2011 By Luke Hiken     Republican lawmakers were ecstatic today to announce passage of the Corporate Education Act (CEA). The President expressed his support for the Act because the Republican sides of both the House and the Senate had backed it, and that […]

An Open letter to the White House,

I have received repeated letters asking me to contribute to beat the Republicans/Tea Party/Koch Brothers/Corporate America, all of whom are richer than God and certainly richer than I and everyone I know collectively.  And, I know a few, very comfortable people.  While I am not a fan of pissing into the wind, that is NOT […]

The War in Libya is NOT for Humanitarian Reasons (YWN Radio/A Must Listen) Please Join us this episode as we break down and crumble the rubbish and lies being fed to the world by the US and NATO for their war of imperialism on yet another brown nation! US government officials and their partners in crime (the Corporate Media) continue to bang the drums of death and […]

The War on Libya (The US Media Banging the War Drums Loud and Clear)‏ When the US and Nato forces decided to go to war with Libya under the disingenuous pretext of a humanitarian mission to save lives the US corporate media took it upon themselves to bang the drums of war just as their political partners asked them to do. Your World News decided to put […]

"I paid my taxes. Why doesn't Bank of America?" ask citizens as they plan actions at 50 branches across the country

“I paid my taxes. Why doesn’t Bank of America?” ask citizens as they plan actions at 50 branches across the country New Nationwide Effort to Make Corporate Tax Dodgers Pay Up Protests in more than 50 cities, including Washington, D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago Groups of citizens in more than 50 cities […]

False Media: Deconstructing Corporate Media If you cannot Listen Live you can always Listen on Archive by Clicking the Link Above Please join us this episode (Wednesday January 26th at 8:00 PM EST) as we pay particular attention to the continued corporate usurpation of TV and radio airwaves as well as the internet, by behemoth corporations. The most recent […]