A New Year's Day Tradition That's Somehow Gone Unreported For 80 Years

by Peter Apanel As reported in the New York Times on November 28, 2011, the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California, is having to adjust to a dramatic decline in the sponsorship money needed to pay for all those very expensive, flower-covered floats. But there’s an interesting sidebar to this story that wasn’t covered […]


WISCONSIN:  DEMOCRACY IN OUR HANDS Sheila Parks, Ed.D. I cannot watch enough videos of the people in Wisconsin as you bold, brave, most decent Wisconsonites are out in the streets - resisting, doing non-violent civil disobedience/direct action, dissenting, protesting, rising up, standing up to and speaking and singing truth to power in the face of […]


Let’s say you can go as fast as you want to legally.  What legal activity would you be doing that would require you to drive from 0 to 60 in than 3 seconds, 120 mph in 9 seconds, or go over 200 mile per hour.  Not driving an ambulance, you cannot do that safely, in […]

For Immediate Release: Detroit Federation of Teachers Presidential Challenger Steve Conn Declares Victory, Demands New Election to Replace Fraudulent Vote Count

   “This isn’t Florida, and the DFT is Not a George Bush Union,” Declared the Real Winner, Steve Conn CONTACT:        Steve Conn                              (313) 645-9340 In a hotly contested runoff election for President of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, challenger Steve Conn of Defend Public Education/Save Our Students, (DPE) declared victory after the Election […]


 Picture of a Detroit School                The Election Committee of the Detroit Federation of Teachers announced today that on Wednesday, January 20, 2011, it will recount the votes in the runoff election for executive offices.                 The initial count showed Keith Johnson winning for President by 41 votes of out of over 4000 cast.  But […]

Virginia’s Elections Are UNCONSTITUTIONAL?!?!

Actually, I published Virginia’s Elections Are UNCONSTITUTIONAL?!?! on OpEdNews.com on February 12, 2008. However, voters in Virginia once again participated in an unconstitutional election, and not a single candidate or mainstream news outlet said anything about this issue for some reason. So, here it is again with updated links. Yes, Virginia, your elections are unconstitutional, […]