There Must Be Something In The Water

“Survival, How Hard Can It Be? Part 2″ was going to be the name of this installment.  However, I see that someone else on “Daily Censored” also appears to be calling for a revolution of sorts… Yesterday I wrote about the need to refocus our priorities on us.  Fighting wars, half way around the world, […]

re Working the System

For the longest time it has bothered me to see Google ads, which advance the very poison I had just written about, showing up in the middle of my article.  My attempt to copy the ad failed due to embedded coding, but I have discovered that I don’t need to do that.  They are placing […]

Daily Censored First: Grassroots Media Pushes Corporate Coverage

On August 14, I published “Chief Judge of 9th Circuit: ‘1984 is here,’ especially for poor”,  two days after a ruling of the 9th Circuit Court, which essentially legalized warrantless wiretaps on cars – even if it’s in a person’s driveway (Well, that is, unless that person lives in a gated community).  Chief Judge Alex […]

Is President Obama a puppet on the left arm of one US fascist political monster? Jon Stewart video

source with video. Jon Stewart exposes the criminal acts of President Obama in contrast to the presidential candidate who campaigned as a constitutional scholar committed to the rule of US law. Washington’s Blog also artfully communicates this hypocrisy:   Here is a complete and comprehensive list of all of the substantive differences between Presidents Barack […]

Detroit, BAMN, mayoral control and the fight against the privatization of education

Readers: ‘By Any Means Necessary’  ( is no doubt the most vibrant and militant mobilization of teacher, youth and community in the United States. Today, Sunday the 13th, De’Von Burt, the courageous high school student who I have interviewed and written about for Daily Censored was on Aljazeera English!  De’Von was interviewed by Aljazeera in […]

Venezuela/Colombia War Threat Escalates

Tensions have heightened at the Venezuela/Columbia border, and the war threat has escalated. The Venezuelan ambassador to Columbia, Gustavo Marquez, warns that “there is a pre-war situation in the entire region”.

The Higher Education Fiscal Crisis Protects the Wealthy

Police are arresting and attacking student protesters on University of California (UC) campuses again. “Why did he beat me I wasn’t doing anything,” screamed a young Cal Berkeley women student over KPFA radio on Friday evening November 20. Students are protesting the 32% increase in tuition imposed by the UC regents in a time of […]